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Shauna and Philip Were In the Line After Shorts

Nov. 18, 2008, 7:10 p.m. (ET)

Short program 4th positions put both Shauna McCullough and Philip Gibson in line for medals in the inline freeskating events, since everyone close to the top half still has a shot. Team USA supporters, parents and team members were on the edge of their seats right down to the last skater to get final results.

An amazingly perky long program performance by Hsin, Chia-Ling of Taiwan moved her from 5th in the short to the 3rd place Shauna was holding. The top three men held their positions and a few shifted positions. Shauna finished 4th and Natalie Motley finished 6th in the Inline Ladies Freeskating Event. Philip finished 5th in the men's event.

The inline event looks better and gets more competitive among participating countries every season. Team USA athletes and coaches are doing a good job by keeping up with the improved techniques and better wheels and equipment available.