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Inline Downhill is just one of several Extreme Roller Sports being considered as a future sports discipline within USA Roller Sports.






The sport of Freestyle was created through the integration of many skating styles and the World Slalom Skaters Association [WSSA] was formed in 2003. Freestyle has evolved to become an internationally recognized skating discipline with thousands of active competitors from more than 30 countries competing in events sanctioned by the WSSA. 


USARS is the official partner of WSSA in the USA and together with WSSA, works to promote freestyle skating as a lifestyle sport to all skaters regardless of age, gender and discipline. It also aims is to provide a set of clear guidelines which skaters can adopt to judge their skills and progress in the sport.

Types of Competitions

There are three main styles of competition for slalom: Speed slalom, which measures how fast a skater can skate on one foot through 20 cones, and both Classic and Battle style of competitions for freestyle slalom

‘Classic’ style is the original style which started back in the 1990s in Europe. Similar to many Olympic sports, each skater has an opportunity to give a usually pre-prepared presentation to a panel of judges. Points are given which are used to give the skaters their competition ranking.

‘Battle’ style is a more recent development that started in 2005. Based on the competition style of other street sports, such as BMX flatland, competitors are put into groups and fight it out within those groups, with about half of each group proceeding through to the next round. This continues until the final group when the remaining riders are ranked.

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