BATTLE IN SEATTLE Speed Skating Competition

Federal Way, Washington

March 10 - 12, 2017

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Entry Deadline: February 24

Practice Time: March 9 6-8pm PST

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Media Contact: Darin Pattison

Phone: (253) 653-1700

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March 10-12, 2017 at Pattisons West Skating Center in Federal Way WA. Home of Pattison’s Team Xtreme

$35.00 first event. $15.00 each additional

Spectators Free

All Elite Divisions (No Grand)
Novice Divisions (Juvenile-Esquire)
Opens $10
Time Trial "Fastest Man/Girl on Skates!)" Rolling start on what is regarded as one of, if not the "fastest floor in the nation." Prize moneye determined by number of participants
3 person draw $10
4 person Relays $15
Grand Champion races. (Up to $1000 to the winner, see below)
Events with 3 or less entries may be ran with other events.
Out of region skaters may cross team with other out of region competitors for relays.

Recent participants include Joey Mantia, Michael Cheek, Justin Stelly, Jarrett Paul, Michael Ringer, Brandon Hall, Donovan Sellers, Tanner Worley, Caleb Wakefield, Zac Sagiao, Wesley Gandy, Franchesca Bell, Erin Jackson, Kelsey Helman, Corie Stoddard, Mariah Richardson, McKenzie Browne, and Chelsea LeGault.

Vender Booths available for $200

PRACTICE $5: Thursday, March 9th, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

FLOOR SIZE:    90’ x 180’ Maple rotunda with fresh WP8 plastic. 8 skaters may be ran on the starting line. Widely considered "Fastest floor in the nation." We will regularly clean the track throughout the competition.

DEADLINE: Entries postmarked by February 28. Make one check payable to Pattison’s West. Please use our sign up sheet and relays forms.

DIRECTIONS:    On I-5 take exit 142B. Turn right at Denny’s restaurant. Go 3/10 of a mile, rink is on your left side. Light grey bulding with a blue strip around the top.


DIVISION: In Novice and Elite divisions, all 3 distance races will be ran. The Long distance race will be an automatic final and will be a rolling start if there are more than 8 skaters. Start position will be determined by order of points with the skater with the highest total in first and so on. Skaters without points will draw cards to determine starting position before the race.

No Pro Division this year. Prize money will be increased in the Grand Champion Races.


Northwest Novice 3 year rule:

No skater shall compete for more than three years (consecutive or non-consecutive) in the Novice category of any age division in the Northwest Region. The three year timeframe shall be counted from the first competition season that the skater is carded by the National Office of USARS.

Coaches & skaters shall ensure this by:

It shall be the Coach’s responsibility to ensure that all skaters competing under said Coach are following the three year rule.
Skaters shall be honest about the number of years that they have competed, when registering for a competition.

Skaters and Coaches that do not follow this rule may be subject to disqualification from the races in the division that they entered if it is discovered that they are ineligible to compete in the Novice category.
Even if a skater only competed in one competition in a season, or none at all, but was carded, that shall count towards a skaters year when factoring the number of years that a skater has been carded.


Jane Doe is carded for Regionals 2014, and only skates Regionals during the 2013-14 season. That will count as her 1st year of competition even though she didn’t skate the rest of the competitions.
John Doe is is carded in March of 2014, but then never competes that season. That shall count
as his first year of competition even though he didn’t skate the competitions as planned.

Jimmy Doe is carded in April of 2014 and skates the rest of that season. That counts that as his first year. He renews his card in September 2014, but doesn’t compete in the 2014-15 season. That shall still count as his 2nd year, because he was carded.
Jill Doe is carded at the beginning of the 2014-15 season, and competes all year. In Sep
tember 2015 she doesn’t renew her card because she is taking a season off from skating. She renews in September 2016 for the 2016-17 season, and that shall be counted as her 2nd year in novice.

Exceptions to the Three Year Rule:

The ONLY exception to the Three Year Rule shall be at NW Regionals, if a skater otherwise would qualify for Nationals under the Novice Category, they will be eligible to skate Novice at NW Regionals.

a. Example: Jack Doe is a Masters Man. Jack has 5 years of speed skating competition under his belt. Jack has never skated Nationals/Qualified at Nationals, and is therefore eligible to skate under Novice at Regionals, for qualifying for Novice Master Men’s division. This only applies to divisions that have Novice at Nationals. i.e. not Novice Elementary. Jack would not be allowed to skate invitationals in Novice, only Regional Qualifiers. 

RELAYS:    Heat distance could be shortened to save time.

OPENS: $10    
Juvenile, and Below 10 Laps.
Elementary and Freshman 15 Laps.    
Sophomore, Junior, Senior, 30 Laps.
Classic, and above 20 Laps.
*Skaters will draw cards to determine position Prize money to be awarded, dictated by the number of participants.

First, second, third, from Elite Sophmore through Senior, qualify for the 15 lap race. $1000 to the winner $200 to 2nd $100 for 3rd and all 3 placements will also will receive a premium podium metal. Winner receives a top of the line Vie13 Grand Champion Battle in Seattle skin suit

First, second, third, and fourth from elite Freshmand and below qualify for the 10 laps race. $100 to the winner and all 3 placements will also will receive a premium podium metal. Winner receives top of the line Vie13 Grand Champion Battle in Seattle skin suit

First, second, third, and fourth from elite Classic and above qualify for the 10 laps race. $100 to the winner. If you skate Senior Men as one of your dvisions you are not eligible for this event. All 3 placements will also will receive a premium podium metal. Winner receives a top of the line Vie13 Grand Champion Battle in Seattle skin suit

Divisions: Juvenile and under
Elementary and Freshmen,
Sophomore, Junior, Senior and Classic,
Masters and above.
Coaches please use your discretion when determining a skaters’ ability to do the 3-person draw. This is for the safety of all teams.

Sunday Morning is daylight savings, we will adjust the schedule accordingly to compensate for the lost hour of sleep.

Thank you for your continued support of the Battle in Seattle, an event that has spanned three decades and continues to be one of the premier indoor events in the USA. The Pattison family is always thankful for the nationwide support we have received and continue to receive. We are looking forward to another epic year of racing!!

The Pattison Family

Location Website:


The host hotel for the Battle in Seattle will be the
Hampton Inn and Suites.

31720 Gateway Center Blvd S Federal Way WA 98003 
253-946-7000 Normal Rate $199 Discounted Rate $119/Night. 

The web page address is:…/SEAFWHX-BIS-201…/index.jhtml…

Group Name: Battle in Seattle Group Code:BIS


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