2017 USARS Roller Figure Skating National Championships

Speedway Sporting Village (Lincoln), Nebraska

July 23 - Aug. 05, 2017


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Figure skating competition includes a series of events with age categories and skill categories that are evaluated in comparison to a set of standards.

Adherence to a painted line doing a series of edges and/or turns.

Group skating to music where skills are demonstrated in synchronization similar to a drill team.

Group skating to music demonstrating skills in telling a story to music and skating skills.

Free skating involving lifting of partner, spinning with partner and footwork performed to music and in unison.

Free Skating (Freestyle)
Jumps, spins and footwork of the skater's choosing performed to music evaluated for difficulty and accuracy.

    Solo - Competition using steps performed to music that are prescribed for specific steps and timing.

    Team - Competition using steps performed to music that are prescribed as a team in unison or mirroring each other's movement.

Free Skating (Freestyle) events performed by similar to rules on roller skates where inline skates are used rather than traditional roller skates.

A coreographed group of four skaters.

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 National Championship Entry Forms

Speedway Sporting Village Lincoln, Nebraska

Website: http://www.speedwayvillage.com/

Speedway Village Contact Information, Social Media and Maps:

Speedway Village is located off of Highway 77 and Van Dorn St on the west side of Lincoln. Our location provides great access from Interstate 80 and Highway 77

Phone: (402) 937-8958

Email: SSVLincolnNE@gmail.com

345 Speedway Cir. Lincoln, NE 68502

Facebook: www.Facebook.com/SpeedwayVillage

Twitter: @SSVLincolnNE

Instagram: www.instagram.com/speedway_village

Snapchat: Speedway Village

Updated 7/10/2017