The Americas Cup Of Clubs Figure Skating Championship

Orlando, Florida

Jan. 12 - 16, 2017

January 12th – 16th, 2017
Orlando, Florida, USA

Organized by USA Roller Sports (USARS). Sanctioned by the FIRS and USARS.

Attention all clubs attending the 2017 Americas Cup - Please fill out the attached estimated entry form and return by November 19. Each Club should submit one form indicating the total number of skaters in each event. 

Atención a todos los clubes asistiendo a la Copa Americana de Patinaje Artístico 2017 - Por favor llene el formulario de inscripción estimado que está adjunto y entréguelo antes del 19 de noviembre! Cada club debe entregar un formulario indicando el número total de patinadores en cada evento.

Club Pre-Registration


Espanol Descargars


This is an open entry competition to all Skaters, Federations, and Clubs. 

Any age category may challenge up one (1) age category. No athlete will be allowed to challenge down an age category to the basic divisions of Tiny Tot and Pre-Mini (example: Mini (11 and under) cannot skate Pre Mini or Tiny Tot). 

New for 2017 Promotional Events:
No athlete will be allowed to challenge down to the Promotional Events. Promotional Event skaters may not challenge up an age division or to the standard event for their age in the same discipline.

There will be no restriction on the quantity of candidates per age category and discipline. Federations may also enter a National Team in addition to clubs but, must limit the National team to 3 athletes per age category and discipline.

Orlando, Florida, USA, 12th to 16th of January 2017
Training on 12th January 2017

Skate Reflections, 1111 Dyer Boulevard, Kissimmee, Florida, 34741 (USA)

Entry Deadline: December 16, 2016 use forms provided by USA Roller Sports. (Above)
Mail To: 4730 South Street, Lincoln, NE USA 68506
Email To:

$55 US per event
$20 US per combined medal events
$40 US per person for Quartets, Precision & Show
All funds will be paid in U.S. dollars
Payment Deadline for USARS Clubs: December 19, 2016
Payment for all other teams from different countries must be made during the registration day on January 12, 2017.

All Ages are as of January 1, 2017
Senior – CIPA Age Requirements must be at least 12 years
Junior – CIPA Age Requirements must be at least 12 Years not yet 19 years
Youth – 16 and 17 years (Born 2000 and 1999)
Cadet – 14 and 15 years (Born 2002 and 2001)
Infantil – 12 and 13 years (Born 2004 and 2003)
Mini – 11 years and under (Born 2005 and after)
Pre-Mini – 8 and 9 years (Born 2008 and 2007)
Tiny Tots - 7 years old and under (Born 2009 and after)
Youth Quartets (follow CIPA Rules)
Quartets and Show (follow CIPA Rules)
Open Adult – 18 years and older (Born 1998 and before) (Figures, Solo, and Singles)
All team event entries will be determined by the oldest member of that team.

Senior In-Line Singles
Team Dance Compulsories
Team Free Dance
Solo Compulsories
Solo Free Dance

Each club will be responsible for their own transportation and lodging. There are many low and moderate price hotel and family home accommodations in the area. Please contact Sports Rez, the official booking agency for this event at This link will get you the best available rates and in many cases avoid resort fees which are common add on fees by hotels. You may also contact Sports Rez by phone at 855-860-8110. Be sure to use discount code USA Roller Sports for your best rates when calling. Spanish speaking available.

Each Federation may send a maximum of two (2) CIPA Judges. Additional Judges will be provided by the USA Roller Sports.
Each judge is responsible for their own travel cost to the USA. Hotel accommodations, internal transport, and per diem for food during the Championship will be provided by the organizers.
Federations wishing to send judges for CIPA training and for experience are welcome to do so and be allowed to participate at their own expense. The Judges Director shall coordinate training events.

January 12 Day of Registration and Training January 13 Competition 5am to 6pm
January 14 Competition 5am to 6pm January 15 Competition 5am to 11pm January 16 Competition and Closing 5am to 11pm

Medals will be awarded to the top 3 finishers in all competitions (gold, silver & bronze).
Trophies for the top three clubs that occupy the highest score awarded based on the points by competition in each category, as follows:

1st place: 15 points, 2nd place: 12 points, 3rd place: 10 points, 4th place: 8 points, 5th place: 6 points, 6th place: 5 points, 7th place: 4 points, 8th place: 3 points, 9th place: 2 points, 10th place: 1 point.

The Club receiving the highest accumulation of points will be awarded the Pan American Championship Trophy of Clubs.

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