(A weekly update on Educational Tools to help with your membership)

Did you know… That you can, and most certainly should register online for your USA Roller Sports membership?  Although the paper application forms are currently still available for use (https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Roller-Sports/USARS-Resources/USARS-Forms), they will eventually be phased out because they are often illegible, missing pertinent information necessary to process your membership manually, or simply get lost in the mail.

The online registration system ensures that not only are we receiving the pertinent information necessary, but you’re provided with a confirmation email at the end of your registration, so you know it’s been completed, and it allows you to print your own membership ID card from your member dashboard - this is especially helpful for those last-minute registrations before an event.

Additionally, creating an online registration allows you to upload your photo on to your member ID card, connect your USA Roller Sports account with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, create a link to YouTube videos, update your contact information, record (unverifiable) wins, losses and draws and create a profile biography of your achievements and experiences.

Coaches, Officials and Club Officers will also find the links to take their SafeSport and Criminal Background checks, and the expiration dates of each on the member dashboard.

Click here for a How-To on how to complete an online registration.

Tried the How-To and still can’t get registered?  Email tbrendle@usarollersports.org  for assistance.

Have a registration emergency after hours? Email tbrendle@usarollersports.org  with “Urgent Membership Validation” in the subject line. E-mails are periodically checked during non-office hours and on the weekends.  

Did you know.... That you can, and most certainly should, print your USA Roller Sports athletes, coaches, officials, and Star Skate cards from your Rsportz account member dashboard page?

While it is not required, it is HIGHLY ADVISED to have your membership card with you at all events, as it is ultimately each member’s responsibility to be able to validate their membership status being in good standing with the USA Roller Sports organization.

With the implementation of our online registration system, it is easy to access, view and print your membership card.

Don’t have a printer? No problem! The Rsportz site is mobile phone friendly. Just log into your Rsportz account, go to your member dashboard profile to view and show your membership card at your next event – or use your cell phone to take a photo of it internally on your phone.  You could also easily take a screen shot from your home computer or use your phone and crop the image when done.    

While the National Office does upload a weekly active members list to the website via a downloadable spreadsheet for meet directors, coaches and so forth.  It is always a possibility that a name may not make the list for a variety of reasons such as last-minute registration for the week, or someone is due for a new background check which has not been recently completed or their Safe Sport training as lapsed.   If you are required to have a current criminal background check and Safe Sport training, it is also equally important to maintain your online certificates and validation for those documents as well when attending a future meet or participating in USA Roller Sport programs. 

Tried the How-To and still can’t get logged into your Rsportz account?  Email tbrendle@usarollersports.org for assistance. 

Have a registration emergency after hours? Email tbrendle@usarollersports.org with “Urgent Membership Validation” in the subject line. E-mails are periodically checked during non-office hours and on the weekends.