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Did you know...How to print your Club Charter Certificate - Click Here


Did you know The U.S. Congress and the U.S. Olympic Committee entrusted the Center for SafeSport with the authority to respond to reports of sexual misconduct within the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movements. The Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017 (S.534) designates the Center for SafeSport to serve as the independent national safe sport organization, with the responsibility for developing policies and procedures to prevent the emotional, physical and sexual abuse of amateur athletes.

The Center for SafeSport has exclusive authority over reports of sexual misconduct or conduct related to the underlying sexual misconduct, within the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movements. The Center for SafeSport has discretionary authority on a case by case basis over any other form of misconduct, including bullying, harassment, physical and emotional abuse. Experts in the field evaluate each case to determine the proper outcome. Sanctions, up to permanent ineligibility across all Olympic sports, can be issued when a finding of a SafeSport Code violation is determined.

Their team carries out this important work professionally, emphasizing responsiveness, fairness and confidentiality. The Center’s confidential online system is the preferred method for making a report, though individuals can also contact our USA Roller Sports Executive Director, Eric Steele at 402.483.7551 x210 or

If you would like to learn more about how the Response and Resolution process works, refer to our helpful infographic.

If you participate in a sport organization that is a member of a national governing body recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee and you need to make a report, click here to fill out the Sexual Misconduct Incident Reporting Form.

Please note, all reports of child abuse (including sexual abuse) of a minor must ALSO be reported to local authorities.



Did you know… That you can print your membership ID card, upload a photo to your ID card, change your contact info, upload a photo to your child’s membership ID and print your child’s ID card and more by going to the Manage Your Membership link on the USA Roller Sports website?

Click here for a helpful “How-To” on how you can do all this and more!

Tried the How-To and still have a question?   Email for assistance. 

Have a registration emergency after hours? Email with “Urgent Membership Validation” in the subject line.  E-mails are periodically checked during non-office hours and on the weekends.




Did you know.... if you are a parent looking for resources on keeping your athlete safe, you can access the SafeSport Parent Training at no cost? Simply create an account at, add the parent training to your bag, and you'll be able to access the training.

SafeSport’s Parent's Guide to Misconduct in Sport is designed for the parents of athletes of all ages. This course explains the issues of misconduct in sport and helps parents ensure their children have a positive and safe sport experience.

For additional resources visit

Get Trained. Identify. Report #USARS #SafeSport


Did you know...How to become a Roller Derby Official.  USA Roller Sports is always looking for great Roller Derby officials!  If you are interested, here is what you need to know:

You must first become a member with USA Roller Sports.

  • If you are planning on being an official only the membership fee is $45.
  • If you plan on being a coach and official, you will need to register has a coach ($85), then contact USARS to add your official’s membership at no cost.  Same as if you plan on being a skater and official, you need to register as a skater ($85) then contact USARS to add your official’s membership at no cost.
  • If you are already a current register USARS coach or skater, please contact USARS to add your officials membership.
  • Here is the link to our online registration information and link to the actual registration site.

    USARS Online Registration Information

  • If you wish to register with paper applications here is the link to our forms pages, where you can find the official only application, skater application where you can register as a skater and official, and the coaches application where you can register as a coach and official.

    USARS Forms and Applications

    You must pass a Criminal Background Check and Complete the Safe Sport Youth Protection Training.

  • Each of these items are required by the United States Olympic Committee which governs USARS.
  • Each one of these items can be completed through the RSportz system after you register, or when log in to your account, there are links to follow on your personal membership account dashboard
  • Here is more information on these items.

    USARS Criminal Background Check and Safe Sport Training

    You must sign a Code of Ethics From

  • Here is that form

    Code of Ethics form

    You must meet all the requirements required by the Roller Derby Officials Testing Program

  • Click Here for the 2019 USARS Roller Derby Referee Certification Program
  • Click Here for the USARS Derby Referee Certification Points Assessment Form

    Officials Testing

  • Tests are based on World Skate International Rules Version 2
  • Once you complete the online registration, or sent in a paper application, or have contacted USARS to add an official’s membership, you will receive and email from USARS asking you which test you would like, the NSO test of referee test.If you do not receive this email, please contact USARS.
  • Once you have completed the test and sent it back into to USARS, it will be graded, you must receive a 90% to pass the test.You can retake if you don’t not pass.

    Officials Credentials

  • Once you have completed all the requirements above your official level will be updated in the USARS/RSportz system and you will be emailed a USARS Roller Derby Officials certificate.
  • Your official level will also show on your membership card, which you can download or print from the RSportz system.

  Officials Travel Benefits

Did you know… That you can, and most certainly should register online for your USA Roller Sports membership?  Although the paper application forms are currently still available for use (, they will eventually be phased out because they are often illegible, missing pertinent information necessary to process your membership manually, or simply get lost in the mail.

The online registration system ensures that not only are we receiving the pertinent information necessary, but you’re provided with a confirmation email at the end of your registration, so you know it’s been completed, and it allows you to print your own membership ID card from your member dashboard - this is especially helpful for those last-minute registrations before an event.

Additionally, creating an online registration allows you to upload your photo on to your member ID card, connect your USA Roller Sports account with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, create a link to YouTube videos, update your contact information, record (unverifiable) wins, losses and draws and create a profile biography of your achievements and experiences.

Coaches, Officials and Club Officers will also find the links to take their SafeSport and Criminal Background checks, and the expiration dates of each on the member dashboard.

Click here for a How-To on how to complete an online registration.

Tried the How-To and still can’t get registered?  Email  for assistance.

Have a registration emergency after hours? Email  with “Urgent Membership Validation” in the subject line. E-mails are periodically checked during non-office hours and on the weekends.  

Did you know.... That you can, and most certainly should, print your USA Roller Sports athletes, coaches, officials, and Star Skate cards from your Rsportz account member dashboard page?

While it is not required, it is HIGHLY ADVISED to have your membership card with you at all events, as it is ultimately each member’s responsibility to be able to validate their membership status being in good standing with the USA Roller Sports organization.

With the implementation of our online registration system, it is easy to access, view and print your membership card.

Don’t have a printer? No problem! The Rsportz site is mobile phone friendly. Just log into your Rsportz account, go to your member dashboard profile to view and show your membership card at your next event – or use your cell phone to take a photo of it internally on your phone.  You could also easily take a screen shot from your home computer or use your phone and crop the image when done.    

While the National Office does upload a weekly active members list to the website via a downloadable spreadsheet for meet directors, coaches and so forth.  It is always a possibility that a name may not make the list for a variety of reasons such as last-minute registration for the week, or someone is due for a new background check which has not been recently completed or their Safe Sport training as lapsed.   If you are required to have a current criminal background check and Safe Sport training, it is also equally important to maintain your online certificates and validation for those documents as well when attending a future meet or participating in USA Roller Sport programs. 

Tried the How-To and still can’t get logged into your Rsportz account?  Email for assistance. 

Have a registration emergency after hours? Email with “Urgent Membership Validation” in the subject line. E-mails are periodically checked during non-office hours and on the weekends.