USA Roller Sports

On November 8th, the fall Board of Directors meeting concluded and as such, seated this year’s Board of Directors and Officers.


2020-2021 Board of Directors

Annelle Anderson

Stephen Carter

John Fearnow

Kay Gallatin

Misty Greer

Tom Hughes

Erin Jackson*

Allison Kiger*

Gypsy Lucas

William Mihay*

Heidi Permatteo

Fernando Regueiro

Jon Roux

Chalie Sgrillo III*

Kelly Springer

Annette Stapleton Heywood*

Independent Director Position - TBD

*Elected Athletes


2020-2021 Officers

President – Heidi Permatteo

Vice President – Stephen Carter

Treasurer – TBD

Corporate Secretary – Eric Steele


In addition, USA Roller Sports is calling for members to submit a resume and email confirming willingness to serve, from those who are interested in the Officer Role of Treasurer for the organization.    Resumes and level of interest via email should be sent to Eric Steele at no later than 5PM Central Time Zone on Wednesday, December 9, 2020.   

The Treasurer position requires the individual be at least 18 years of age, be an active member of USA Roller Sports in Good Standing, with the primary responsibility of monitoring and reporting all financial matters related to the organization to the Board of Directors, while also serving on the USA Roller Sports Finance Committee.    The idea applicant will have an understanding of non for profit fiscal management, and will adhere to the policies and guidelines established within the USA Roller Sports Financial Procedures Manual.    The applicant is not required to be a seated member of the Board of the Directors.