USA Roller Sports

USARS Rink Hockey Team USA Try-out Process

Process only for Team attending the

2020 Rink Hockey Pan American Nations Championship


Havert L Fenn Center in Fort Pierce, Florida


November 17th to 22nd 2020


Team selections will be made by an Application and Resume process only

Process is only for the 2020 Rink Hockey Pan American Nations Championship


**NOTE**- There is a high probability that all 2020 World Skate International Championships will be postponed until next year or canceled related to the Covid- 19 pandemic.  That being said USARS would like to move forward with this selection process assuming the 2020 Rink Hockey Pan Am Nations Championships will take place on the scheduled date, so that we have all items set in advance of that date.  If the event happens to be postponed or canceled after deposit fees have been paid, refunds will be given, within 60 days of the cancelation date.


This year’s team USA selection process is open to all athletes that meet the World Skate requirements for the division they wish to compete in, those requirements are as listed.

U-19 MEN- Athletes who completed the minimum age of fourteen(14)years but has not completed nineteen(19)years by 31 December of the year regarding his registration.

SR- WOMEN- Athletes who completed the minimum age of fourteen(14)years by 31 December of the year regarding her registration.

SR- MEN- Athletes who completed the minimum age of fourteen(14)years by 31 December of the year regarding his registration.

Application Process:

*Application Deadline for submittal: July 15th, 2020

*Application Evaluation Period: July 16th to August 1st, 2020

*Team Selection Announcement:  August 3rd, 2020- Teams will be selected by Team USA staff members

*Player Down Payment Amount:  $1,000.00 (Due by August 20, 2020) If the overall amount ends up being over $1,000 the remaining fee will be due October 15, 2020 (An itemized list of things covered by the fee will be sent to players after the fee is processed)

*Refunds Process: Refunds will be given if over payment happens to occur (refunds if needed will be returned to player within 60 days of the event ending)

  1. Submit application Online (See Link Below) through USA Roller Sports Website:
    1. Players selected will be posted on USA Roller Sports website and social media sites and notified personally
    2. Alternates will be notified
    3. Team USA staff selections will be as follows:
      • 2 Goaltenders, 8 Floor players
      • Alternates:2 Goaltenders, 4 Alternate Floor Players.


  2. Once selected all Team USA members must be members in good standing by August 20, 2020 which includes the following:
    1. Hold USA Roller Sports current membership for 2020/2021 season
    2. Complete Safe Sports requirements (all members) and background check requirements (if member is over 18 years of age)
    3. All outstanding debts must be paid or arrangements for payments must be made with USA Roller Sports (Contact the finance department at USA Roller Sports for information) (402-483-7551 ex 204)


  3. Date the fee is Due to USA Roller Sports: August 20th, 2020 (Credit Cards accepted and preferred)(member will contact USARS office to give payment)
    1. Alternates will be notified if a position is available (If added to the roster alternates down payment will be due by August 27th, 2020) or staff will move to next alternate.
    2. Additional Paperwork and forms will be sent to selected players after fees have been paid.Code of Ethics, Insurance forms, Power of Attorney, etc.


  4. Team USA Training Dates:
    1. Wednesday November 11th to Mon. November 16th, 2020 Prior to Pan American Championship.
    2. Wednesday Nov. 11th is a travel day.
    3. Training will be on Thursday Nov. 12th through Monday Nov. 16th in Florida.


  5. Team USA Selection Process- Staff Challenge Process
    1. Each Team USA staff member will review all applications and resumes submitted for all 3 teams, in the time frame stated on the application. Each staff member will prepare a roster list with the players they have selected.
    2. Each Team USA member will submit their lists to all other staff members to review.
    3. A conference call will be scheduled to discuss the team selections. During this call the managers and coaches from the other teams will have the right to challenge the third managers and coach’s selection of a player on their list, just as a form of checks and balances. Each team will go through this selection challenge process.Each team’s manager and coach will have the final say on selected team players.
    4. Once finalized the list will be submitted to the USARS office for final review on all the team players eligibility.

Here is the link to the Jotform application for players to register.


If you have any questions related to the Team Selection process or application, please contact

Rink Hockey Committee chair- Jim Jost- or

USARS Sports Operations Director- Brent Benson-