USA Roller Sports

Notice and Call for Committee Applicants

USA Roller Sports is accepting letters of interest and/or skating resumes from its members in good standing to serve on the following committees that will be officially seated at the Fall 2020 Board of Directors meeting in October. All committees have term limits that may range from 1 to 3 years, depending on the committee, and the majority of the committees are required to have athlete representation, as such athletes are strongly encouraged to apply!

When applying, please indicate a first, second and third choice.  As there are multiple needs across the organization and should you not be able to be seated on a committee of your first choice, options are available to still make a difference elsewhere.   

All Sport Committees

(Speed, Figure, Roller Derby, Rink Hockey, Inline Hockey): Sport committees have the responsibility of monitoring, evaluating and recommending changes or improvements to the curriculum of the competitive program including, but not limited to, skating requirements, divisional eligibility, establishing sport specific standards, and creating/managing seminar and training programs.    


Standing/Special Committees

Standing Finance Committee: Sets the annual budget subject to modification and approval of the Board of Directors or by the Executive Committee as designated by the Board of Directors and shall review the monthly and annual statements of the organization, while making appropriate decisions regarding financial matters, investments, best practices and initial review of bids for expenses across the organization.    

Standing Compliance Committee: Oversee all administrative grievances, eligibility, right to compete matters, and matters of ethical impropriety filed with USARS that are not connected with SafeSport.   The compliance committee is also tasked with issuing discipline sanctions.

Standing Hall of Fame and Honors Committee: Reviews and recommends individuals nominated for the Hall of Fame and other awards/honors bestowed by USA Roller Sports.

Standing Elite Coaches Committee: Charged with evaluating and recommending applications received from USARS Advanced Coaches who seek Elite Coaching status. 

Special Committee on Education:  Oversees the Star Skate Development program and other Grassroots skating programs.

Special Communications and Technology Committee:  This committee reviews and recommends issues related to marketing and technology within the organization.

Special National Championships Planning Committee:  Oversees the planning and implementation of the annual National Championships.                                                                                                                           

If you have an interest in applying, the member must be an active member in good standing of USA Roller Sports and submit a letter of interest or resume of your skating involvement to Tina Brendle at  no later than September 13, 2020.