USA Roller Sports

Important Announcement regarding Service Animals & Food/Beverage policy at this year's National Championships:


Service Animals/Pets

The Spokane Convention Center (SCC) recognizes that guests who have disabilities will sometimes require the use of a service animal or guide dog. A Service Animal is defined as an "animal that is trained for the purposes of assisting or accommodating a disabled person's sensor, mental or physical disability.

The SCC will offer reasonable accommodations for service animals that enter the facility with their handler. The SCC will not be responsible for any service animal's behavior or maintenance.

The SCC & Contracted staff, reserve the right to ask the question of is the animal a pet. If the answer is yes, then the question to follow is is the animal a companion or emotional support animal. If the answer is a yes, then the staff reserves the right to have the animal removed from the facility.

If the animal is designated as a service animal, they will be permitted into the facilities. But, the animal may be removed if:

--They are displaying aggressive or disruptive behavior unrelated to their task training.
--They are being disobedient or are not house broken. 
--The handler is unable to control them.

Staff may not: 
--Ask the guest anything about their disability. 
--Ask the guest for proof that the service animal is actually a service animal.
--Segregate the guest and the service animal from the event.
--Charge an extra fee to allow the service animal into the facility.
--Discriminate against the guest for being accompanied by a service animal.

In some cases the guest may require the use of two separate service animals. In this case, the SCC will do everything possible to meet the request, but are only obligated to admit one of the animals.

Companion animals ARE NOT SERVICE ANIMALS and thus are not permitted into the Convention Center due to the potential liability damage and nuisance such animals may pose to certified service animals and their handlers.

Under "Layla's Law" RCW 9.91.170 anyone who interferes with, injures or kills a service animal, or is responsible for another animal that interferes with, injures or kills a service animal,or is responsible for another animal that interferes with, injures or kills a service animal, either through negligence or intentionally, will be committing a criminal offense and subject to legal action.


Food/Beverages & Other Restrictions

The Spokane Convention Center offers a variety of services related to food and beverages. There will be healthy food options available on site and a concessions menu will be posted as soon as it becomes available.

--No outside food or drink will be allowed into the Spokane Convention Center.
--Bottled Water/Sports drinks will be allowed for credentialed athletes, coaches and staff/officials only. This year's athletes will be credentialed with a white USA Roller Sports lanyard, while coaches and officials will wear blue or red lanyards.
--No coolers of any kind will be permitted.
--No bins not approved by USA Roller Sports will be permitted.
--No folding chairs, tents or cooking appliances will be permitted into the SCC at anytime.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate in contacting the USA Roller Sport offices.



For credentialed athletes, coaches or officials only, who have dietary/allergy restrictions, they must at the time of registration, notify the USARS staff at the desk of their restriction or allergy, and at that time, they will be given an attachment to their credentials that will permit them to have outside food specifically for them. With the credential's attachment serving as the backup authorization should they encounter any problems. Also it will be required that the outside food in such a case, not be in any coolers and be able to be stowed in their personal athlete bag they enter the venue with. Also the restriction or allergy must be a valid medical reason, it can not be a case of someone making a choice, because they simply do not like something offered inside the venue. As such, USARS staff reserves the right to request validation, prior to issuing attachment credentials. The rule does not apply to the general public and family member spectators.