USA Roller Sports


USA Roller Sports is proud to announce a new logo for the organization


The new logo is the result of an optics and identity issue discovered by the organization’s Communication & Technology Committee. The issue and new concept from there was officially approved by the USA Roller Sports Board of Directors and as a result, serves today as our official logo image.

The image within this post, represents the horizontal and vertical versions. Colors and how it is used in different formats, will be available within the Brand Standards that will be posted to our resource section of the website in the coming days.

Why the change? 
The old logo had an emphasis on the word USARS, which makes sense to our membership and partners, but can also confuse those outside of the organization to the true identity of the organization and what it represents. As a result, the goal with the new logo was to clearly express that our organization is “U-S-A” Roller Sports and the official National Governing Body recognized by the United States Olympic Committee and World Skate.

In taking on a new logo, USA Roller Sports, understands that phasing out the old and phasing in the new is not an instant process. Moving forward the phasing in aspect of the new logo will take time, and the changes will in some areas of the organization come quickly. An example where you will see it first is through our website and social media.

Some others will take much longer to implement, such as things like envelopes, larger physical items, printed materials, and images on items related to the National Championships. In areas where the old logo could be tied to something of historical significance, the old logo will remain in place. An example of historical significance could be something such as medals or trophies.

Finally all of the sport discipline logos will remain intact with no changes.  Brand Standards and affiliations noted below: