USAR Official Rules & Regulations

8 - Visually Impaired Racquetball

In general, the USAR's standard rules governing racquetball play will be followed except for the modifications that follow.

Rule 8.1 Eligibility

A player's visual acuity must not be better than 20/200 with the best practical eye correction or else the player's field of vision must not be better than 20 degrees. The three classifications of blindness are B1 (totally blind to light perception), B2 (able to see hand movement up to 20/600 corrected), and B3 (from 20/600 to 20/200 corrected).

Rule 8.2 Return of Serve and Rallies

On the return of serve and on every return thereafter, the player may make multiple attempts to strike the ball until

(i) the ball has been touched,

(ii) the ball has stopped bouncing, or

(iii) the ball has passed the short line after touching the back wall.

The only exception is described in Rule 8.3.

Rule 8.3 Blast Rule

If the ball (other than on the serve) caroms from the front wall to the back wall on the fly, the player may retrieve the ball from any place on the court--including in front of the short line -- so long as the ball has not been touched and is still bouncing.

Rule 8.4 Hinders

A replay hinder will result in the rally being replayed without penalty unless the hinder was intentional. If a hinder is clearly intentional, a penalty hinder should be called and the rally awarded to the non-offending player or team.