USAR Official Rules & Regulations

6 – Multi-Bounce

In general, the USAR's standard rules governing racquetball play will be followed except for the modifications that follow.

Rule 6.1 Basic Return Rule

In general, the ball remains in play as long as it is bouncing. However, the player may swing only once at the ball and the ball is considered dead at the point it stops bouncing and begins to roll. Also, anytime the ball rebounds off the back wall, it must be struck before it crosses the short line on the way to the front wall, except as explained in Rule 6.2.

Rule 6.2 Blast Rule

If the ball caroms from the front wall to the back wall on the fly, the player may hit the ball from any place on the court--including past the short line--so long as the ball is still bouncing.

Rule 6.3 Front Wall Lines

Two parallel lines (tape may be used) should be placed across the front wall such that the bottom edge of one line is 3-feet above the floor and the bottom edge of the other line is 1 foot above the floor. During the rally, any ball that hits the front wall (i) below the 3-foot line and (ii) either on or above the 1-foot line must be returned before it bounces a third time. However, if the ball hits below the 1-foot line, it must be returned before it bounces twice. If the ball hits on or above the 3-
foot line, the ball must be returned as described in the basic return rule.

Rule 6.4 Games and Matches

All games are played to 11 points and the first side to win two games wins the match.