USAR Official Rules & Regulations

NMRA Rule Modifications

12 – National Masters Racquetball Association (NMRA)

In general, competition will follow the standard rules governing racquetball established by the USAR, except for the modifications that follow. Consult the NMRA President regarding any changes after this publication. The NMRA President or other designated person will resolve all NMRA rules questions or disputes.

Rule 12.1 Eligibility

Players at least 45 years of age are eligible to compete in an NMRA event. Competition is offered at 5-year age increments. Players must play in their proper age group as determined by their age on the first day of the tournament. You must be a current member of the USAR as of the first and last day of the tournament to compete.

Rule 12.2 Draws

All NMRA events are played as round robins. If there are more than 12 players/teams in an age bracket, then it will be split into pools. The top finisher from each pool will play a single elimination playoff to determine the champion. When there are only two flights, the top three players/teams are selected for the playoff. Playoff matches are two games to 15 points with a tiebreaker game to 11 (if necessary).

Rule 12.3 Game, Match

The number of entrants and available court time dictate the choice of score to win a game, which is usually the first player/team to score either 11 or 15 points. A match consists of two games.

Rule 12.4 Match Score

Each player/team receives credit for every point scored during the match.  They earn two more points for each game they win, plus an additional 4 points if they win the match by scoring more overall points than their opponent.  However, if each player/team wins a game and the scores are the same, then there is no match winner and the match is recorded as a “tie”. A “tie” matches result in each player/team earning 2 points for the game they won, plus 2 more points, i.e. one-half of the 4 additional points usually earned by the winner of the match.

Rule 12.5 Order of Finish

The finishing positions of the players/teams are determined based on who scored the highest average number of points (total overall points earned divided by the total games played).

Rule 12.6 Forfeits

If a team/player forfeits a match, they receive zero points for that match and their opponents receive the maximum total points for the match. If a team/player drops out of the tournament, they cannot receive an award. Moreover, the points earned based on the matches they did play are not affected and the players/teams they did NOT play will have their averages based on the fewer number games they will have played.