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Looking for a outdoor Racquetball court? Check out our Master Outdoor Racquetball Court list, maintained by Bill George.  It is a list of more than 600 known outdoor racquetball courts in the United States and abroad.  

To download the complete spreadsheet of court listings, click this XLS link: WOR_Master_Court_05_11_2022 - PUBLIC

Latest updates include some Incremental additions done in May of 2022, NYC court updates from Benny Goldenberg in May of 2021, 

In mid-May 2021, Bill George performed a major clean-up of the courts list, removing hundreds of locations no longer in existence.  Details of the major update are:

  • Court Removals:  All that could not be located in a GIS map were removed from the listing.  Most courts removed one could see on the map where they originally were located and replaced by: pickleball, skate parks, kid parks, just leveled and/or complete renovation of parks.
  • "Site View" Links: About 80% of the "site view" links were for Bing maps and a function they have since disabled.  All site view links were changed to a Google maps link.
  • Name Changes: Around 20+ parks had name changes (these did not account for removal of sites).


Court Site Additions and Updates

We are always looking to add and update courts to this list.  If you review the list (or the map below) and do not see a court you know of or are aware of any changes to an existing court site, please click on the Court Submission and Update form and enter in the court details.  


To dynamically search Google Maps List of Outdoor Courts, see below.