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WOR Broadcast Binder for 2021 3WB

By Todd Boss | Oct. 20, 2021, 3:31 p.m. (ET)

Hi Outdoor Fans!

2021 3WallBall Logo

For the 2021 12th Annual 3WallBall tournament, we put together a Broadcast Binder to help the broadcasters get to know some of the Outdoor specialists that were projecting to be at the tournament.  We also included some of the indoor pros we knew were going to be at the tournament.

Here's a copy of that binder for racquetball fans!

Contents include:

- List of WOR Hall of Fame members

- List of WOR "triple crown" Reports (listing the winners of each of the three outdoor "major" titles in each year)

- List of all 3WallBall past winners by pro category

- the WOR rules

- 64 player profiles

Here's the MS Word doc: 3WB2021broadcastbinder v20

Enjoy!  We'll use this as a framework for future tournaments.