Women's Committee

The Women's Committee mission is to 'strengthen USA Racquetball through increasing the number of women playing racquetball at the state, regional and national levels.' Throughout the year, the Committee analyzes key aspects of racquetball for women, develops strategies to increase participation, plans and promotes activities and functions for women, supports charitable causes like Racquet for the Cure, and provides an avenue for women to express their concerns to USA Racquetball.

"Somewhere behind the athlete you've become, the hours of practice, the coaches who push you, and the fans who cheer you, is the little girl who fell in love with the sport and never looked back. Play for her." -- Unknown

Committee Members

Committee members are listed below. Please click their name to send them an email.

• Terry Rogers (Chair)
TJ Baumbaugh
Debbie Bryant
Michelle De La Rosa
• Lorraine Galloway
• Janice Vosika
• Cheryl Kirk
• Peggine Tellez
• Janice Vosika


Rules for Women’s Division Formats at National Tournaments Revised Format (July 2012)

6 or fewer competitors - Round Robin
• Divisions may be combined when entries are 3 or less.
• Divisions will be combined based first by skill level and second by age.

7 to 11 competitors - Pool Play
• All pool play events will have playoffs with semi final and final matches.

12 or more competitors - Straight Draw
• Open and Team Qualifying divisions -- single elimination (regardless of number of players)
• Consolation will be offered as appropriate and based on the the overall format of the tournament.

The above is contingent upon sufficient court space.


"Ladies' Night Out"

The USAR Women's Committee plays host to "Ladies' Night Out" at both the National Doubles and National Singles Championships. These are much anticipated, FUN social events for the ladies that should not be missed!

There is usually a no host bar, complimentary appetizers and lots of socializing! Look for your electronic evite and/or flyers at the tournament registration desk. We look forward to seeing all of our ladies at these events!

Remember, the USAR Women's Committee is your advocate and liaison to USAR and the National Tournament Directors. If you have any questions, concerns, and/ or comments relative to the women's draws/events please contact one of the committee members, or email Terry Rogers (rogersta@comcast.net).


Join the Committee!

Want to help by joining the Committee?

Send a short profile of your professional, personal and racquetball background (including tournaments, past/future intentions), and share:

• What you'll bring to the table to help grow women's racquetball.
• What you've done (or plan to accomplish) locally.
• Your availability for monthly conference calls.
• Your abilities in event planning, administration, communication.


More Resources for Women's Racquetball

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• Women's Senior/Master Racquetball Association
• RacquetForTheCure.com
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