Starting a Collegiate Racquetball Program

There are several general steps needed to take in order to create a school sanctioned racquetball club at your institution. Below is a general list of guidelines, tips and suggestions that can help you get started on making your very own racquetball club. This list is intended to provide information on getting started, and is not a comprehensive list of requirements for everything you will need. Keep in mind that each school has their own club requirements and you should utilize the information they provide as much as possible. If there are any questions, please contact USA Racquetball at

1. Familiarize yourself with requirements set by your institution
Each institution has specific requirements to create a school sanctioned club. Contact your Campus Club/Recreation Director to determine what you will need to do to proceed.  You can expect the Club Director to require the following:
     -All required forms completed in a timely order
     -Established club mission statement
     -Seasonal budget and cost requirements for players
     -Roster of interested players
     -Organized practice schedule and facility use plan and competitive schedule

2. Recruit team members and access available facilities and court times
There are several ways of promoting your club: Posting flyers around high traffic areas, talking to students playing racquetball, developing a website/Facebook page and attending “club fairs” are all great ways of promoting your club.  While playing on campus courts is most convenient, many colleges have used YMCA’s or other recreational centers in their town when courts were not present on their campus.

3. Find a coach/advisor and develop leadership structure within your team
Many institutions may require a coach or advisor in order for the club to be recognized by the school. The coach and/or advisor may be useful not only for developing technique and strategies but also for organizing the team.  Whether you have a coach or not, it is imperative for your team to elect a president as well as additional members willing to take on the variety of responsibilities needed to manage a college program.  Sophomore class leaders are also advised to help insure the sustainability of the program.

4. Develop a Scheduling and Funding Strategy
Starting a program requires a long term financial plan that will allow your program a chance to thrive many years after you graduate.  We have many resources to assist you with this, perhaps the greatest being the current Club Racquetball teams, some of who have been around for 40+ years!

5. You're Ready, Go Play Racquetball!
Congratulations, the effort you put into creating a club racquetball team on your campus will give you and your teammates the opportunity to compete on the court and make life-long friends through the camaraderie of being on a team.  USA Racquetball and the Collegiate Council can assist you in scheduling matches in your region and qualifying information for the Event of the Year….the Intercollegiate National Championships. Please contact USA Racquetball for additional information at