1) Who can play college racquetball?
ANYONE CAN! Teams are comprised of all levels of players ranging from top 20 ranked players to novices. Men and women compete in multiple divisions.

2) Where are there currently collegiate programs?
There are 75+ teams throughout the country in 35 States and 6 separate Conferences nationally.

3) What if my college does not have an existing racquetball program?
No problem, you can take the lead and start a new program.  In fact, it happens every year.

4) When do teams usually practice?
Teams work their practice schedules around your academic schedule.  Some reserve courts at separate times during the day.

5) Where and when are the Tournaments during the season?
Tournaments run from September to February and are at various colleges and clubs, usually within a 3 hour radius of each campus.

6) Is there a National Championship and All American Team?
USA Racquetball has supported an Intercollegiate Championship for 42 years and counting!  In addition, All Americans are selected every year.  Join us in Tempe, Arizona for Racquetball Spring Break this coming March.

7) How do I get started?
USA Racquetball is a great place to start…contact our office to inquire on a specific college or university.  You can also talk with Club Directors at any school you are considering.  And remember, if they do not sponsor a team- you can take the lead!