Collegiate Conferences

Another program component identifies the individuals listed below to serve on the USAR’s Intercollegiate Council, plus the appointment of three regional coordinators to develop grassroots intercollegiate programs. For information about intercollegiate activity and opportunities in your area, please contact your nearest representative, shown below.

2018 Collegiate Racquetball Conferences

Northern Conference
Region: WI, MN, SD, ND
Contact: Open

Southern Collegiate Racquetball Conference
Region: TX, LA, AR, OK
Contact: Greg Lyons
(650) 245-7763

Eastern Conference

Region: CT, NJ, NY, RI, MA, NH, VT, PA
Contact: Rob VanSchallkwyk
(978) 273-3110
Contact: Shane Wood
(508) 854-3922

Western Conference 
Region: CA, NV
Contact: John Bardos

Southwest Conference
Region: AZ, NM
Contact: Open

Southeast Conference
Region: FL, GA, AL, MS
Contact: Jerry Wickliffe
(770) 686-1806

Mid East Conference
Region: OH, IN, IL, MI
Contact: Dr. Tim Miller
(440) 826-2287

Mid Atlantic Conference

Region: DC, MD, WVA, DE, VA, NC, SC, TN, KY
Contact: Phil Wheeler
(540) 721-9035

Mid West Conference
Region: MO, IA, NB, KS, AR, OK
Contact: Brendan Giljum

Rocky Mountain Conference

Region: CO, WY, UT, MT
Contact: Shannin Rudman
(605) 786-7528

Independent Programs
Region: Throughout the country
Contact: USA Racquetball
(719) 635-5396

New programs are starting every day. YOU can start a college racquetball team at your college.