Nomination and Election Procedure



Amended May 2018

SECTION ONE: Election Policies & Procedures


1.1 Election Committee: The USAR Board Election Committee will be comprised of an appointed Committee Chair plus three active board members (one to be an Athlete representative) -- all of whom must not be eligible for election or re-election in the next General Election.


1.2 Presentation & Acceptance of Slate 

a. In support of its work, the Election Committee shall research and review qualified* USAR members who seek at-large (elected) Board seats (requesting resume qualifications and a statement of interest from all prospective candidates).


1. *Qualifications: Members of the Board must be Citizens of the United States who are at least 18 years of age. A candidate must be a member of USAR in good standing as of the first of the year prior to the election year; must have capacity to enter contracts; must not have a felony or criminal background; must be willing to sign a release for a background check; must not have been employed by USAR as of the first of the year two years prior to the election year; must possess past and present demonstration of good character.


b. The presented slate may include candidates in the number of positions being vacated at the end of the USAR fiscal year – OR up to one additional nominee for each open position. Example: when three board positions are open, an approved slate may contain three, four, five, or six nominees. 


c. The Election Committee Chair presents the recommended slate at a Fall Board meeting. Upon review of this slate, the full Board may accept or reject the entire slate of nominees, but the board may not vote to accept nominees individually. If the Board rejects the presented slate, the Election Committee must resume its task of finding nominees acceptable to the Board.


d. Candidates who are not selected for an approved slate must be notified of such by the Election Committee and informed of the alternate Petition Procedure (1.3).


1.3 Petition Procedure: Any member of USAR in good standing as of the first of the year prior to the election year (and who has already applied to be included on the Board slate but has not been chosen for the slate) may run for the Board of Directors by completing an official Board petition which requires the signatures of 125 USAR members over the age of 18 years old in good standing who request that the individual be added to the slate of Board candidates.


  1. Petitioners who have been notified that they are not included on the Board slate must request and obtain official forms from the USAR national office or download a PDF from the website. The petitioner must have completed and signed the official USAR Conflict of Interest statement prior to beginning to gather signatures. Completed petitions must be received in the USAR National office on or before a deadline to be determined by the Election Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.



  1. USA Racquetball reserves the right to deny petitioners a position on the ballot based upon reasonable concerns relative to qualifications (see Election Procedures 1.2/a/1). Reasonable concerns will be presented to the Board of Directors for validation.


1.4 Ballot Procedure: Once the slate is adopted, each individual, regardless of whether he/she is on the Board-approved slate or has petitioned for inclusion, is notified of his/her candidacy. He/she must have completed and signed the official USAR Conflict of Interest statement prior to official acceptance. The nominee also must have provided a color photo and platform statement of 200 words or less in response to the question "Why I want to serve on the USAR Board of Directors" for publication with the ballot.

  1. Ballots will be distributed via the Corporation’s magazine, or Internet source, or mailed ballots, or any other method or combination of methods deemed acceptable by the Board of Directors. 
  2. The ballot must stipulate whether a candidate is on the Board-approved slate or whether he/she is a petitioner.

1.5 Acclimation: If only the required number of nominations for open Board seats is finalized, an election will not be mandated, and all nominees will be elected by acclimation prior to the May Board meeting.  


SECTION TWO: General Election


2.1 Platform & Ballot Preparation

a. The list of candidates will be ordered alphabetically, with all platform text and graphics presented in a uniform fashion.

b. Eligibility. Only current, adult USAR members (over 18) may vote.


2.2 Online voting will be offered for a period to be determined by the Election Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. During this period, members may access their password-protected member record to obtain a single-use ballot that will be verified and transmitted as a “secure transaction.”


2.3 Vote Counting & Announcement

a. All candidates will be notified within five business days of receipt of election results from the USOC or in any case prior to the release of any public announcements. Top vote-getters will be contacted by the Board President and invited to attend the May Board meeting in a non-voting capacity in the year-end (first) meeting session, and in full-voting capacity in the new year (second) meeting session. The President or the Election Committee will notify unsuccessful candidates.

b. In the event of a tie, a runoff election will be conducted electronically.

c. Tallies of election results will be made public within seven days of receiving the results from the USOC via press release, social media, website, and/or published in RACQUETBALL magazine.


SECTION THREE: Campaign Procedures

A separate document, outlining these campaign procedures, will be provided to all candidates upon publication of the ballot.


3.1 Proxy voting is expressly prohibited. Individual members are encouraged to submit their personal votes according to the stated guidelines, but are not permitted to transfer their voting rights to other parties.


3.2 Campaigning is limited to the candidates themselves. It is inappropriate for seated board members and national staff to formally endorse or support specific candidates, beyond the initial selection of nominees approved by the Board for the ballot. Any such documented instances will be subject to Ethics Committee review. Individuals may not use R2 Sports for their own personal USAR Board of Directors election campaigns.


SECTION FOUR: Board Service/Appointments/Employees


4.1 Statutes of Term  All board terms begin, and end, with the annual May board meeting, normally held in conjunction with USAR National Singles.


4.2 Executive Appointments From time to time, the board may elect to appoint individual board members on the basis of specific skill sets and identified institutional needs [501.0.A.2]. The term length of such appointments is two years, in order to allow appointees to familiarize themselves with the board function, and to consider whether or not to seek subsequent elected terms (two maximum). One added two-year appointment may be ratified; however, acceptance of a second appointed term negates a subsequent, consecutive election bid.


4.3 Appointments to vacated seats  Mid-term open board seats filled by Presidential appointment [per USAR By-Laws 404.0.B and 404.0.D] will be tracked on the basis of term length. If the vacated board seat has 18 months or more remaining in its term, the replacement appointee will be considered to have completed a full term of service. Subsequent “second term” re-election bids will be processed on that basis [501.0.A.4]. If the vacated board seat has fewer than 18 months remaining, the replacement appointee will be viewed as "interim" and a subsequent “first term” election bid may be sought.


4.4 Board Service by Former Employees  In the event that any USAR employee wishes to run for the Board of Directors after his/her employment with the company ends, they may do so after a two-year period has elapsed (see Election Procedures 1.2/a/1).


SECTION FIVE: Athlete Representatives

5.1. A nominating committee (chaired by one of the athlete board members) shall be formed of persons who have been members of the U.S. National (Adult Elite) National Team within the preceding 10 years or who are currently competing at a level of proficiency appropriate for selection to the U.S. National (Adult Elite) Team. The committee will identify nominees for the openings for the expiring terms of members of the Board of Directors. Such list shall consist of at least one nominee for the number of positions available. Additional nominations may be made by any eligible person who submits a petition with twenty (20) valid member signatures of persons eligible to vote in the election indicating their support for said candidate.

5.2. USA Racquetball will administer the election. Ballots will be distributed via postal or email to the authorized voters. Election results based on popular vote shall be announced as soon as they are known.

5.3 There must be at least one person of each gender.

5.4. Immediately following the election, the athletes who were elected must determine (i) who among them will serve on the Executive Committee and (ii) who among them will serve as the Athlete's Advisory Council representative. There is no requirement that these positions be filled by two different persons. However, the alternate representative for Athlete's Advisory Council will be one of the other athletes on the Board who is of opposite sex than the primary representative.