Otto Dietrich has been a member of USA Racquetball's National Rules Committee continuously for more than 30 years -- since 1982. Six years after first being appointed to the committee, he became the sport's National Rules Commissioner -- a title that he has held ever since, except for the 5 years (1998 - 2003), when he stepped aside to serve as the USAR's National President.

There is probably no one in the world who knows more or has thought more about the rules of the game, so if you have a question about the rules or refereeing, please go ahead and ASK OTTO!

You can email Otto directly by clicking here: Ask Otto or send an email to

You can view the entire USAR Rulebook online, here is the direct link: USAR Rulebook

You can also view and download the most current rules of the game and list of non-conforming racquets by clicking below:


The USAR Official Rules of Racquetball are copyrighted. All rights reserved. These rules may be downloaded and printed for reference. An updated rulebook is now available with new changes.