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Real Racquetball Show

By Mike Wedel, Executive Director, USA Racquetball | Sept. 09, 2020, 12:46 p.m. (ET)

The Real Racquetball Show, live streamed on the USA Racquetball Facebook page, is a collaboration of a dedicated team with the specific goal of bringing information to and engaging racquetball players.

Sudsy Monchik and I are working to help bring the racquetball community closer together. The Real Racquetball Show is a format we both felt strongly could help with that goal. We want to get better and more detailed information out to the players and fill in some of the gaps regarding questions that players may feel are not being answered. There is so much good work being performed by so many dedicated volunteers that goes unnoticed. If we don’t get the word out, how will everyone know what USA Racquetball is doing for the sport?

The objective is to present a professional show that addresses hot topics in racquetball. We want to hear from players regarding what they feel is important and relevant and answer their questions. When Sudsy came on board as USA Racquetball’s special ambassador, we set to work on building a team to make the show happen. 

Tech expert Stewart Solomon, USAR staff members Renée Isherwood and Connor Shane, Sudsy, and I comprise that team. We met several times to determine how we wanted the show to look and feel with the goal of discussing racquetball topics, issues, and concerns and being entertaining while doing it. (How could Sudsy not be entertaining??) 

None of us are professional broadcasters or producers (yet!) so we are learning as we go. I believe we are coming along nicely with a relevant and informative show. We will continue to grow and expand to bring you the information you want, need, and deserve.  USA Racquetball is here to serve you, and I want to make sure you are informed and educated about how WE ALL can work together to move our sport successfully into the future.

We call each show a “Game.” The first Game was August 17th, and the plan is to broadcast live every other Monday. Exceptions are those Mondays when the monthly USAR Board of Directors meeting falls on the same night.  We will advertise date changes for the show on those occasions. 

The content for the “Games” needs to come from YOU. We want to be sure we are answering questions you have regarding racquetball. Sudsy and I are committed to bringing information that will arm you to go out and help grow racquetball in your states. Tell us what you would like to know and how we can help you! Send your questions, comments, and suggestions to Connor Shane at, and he will provide it to the team.

Keep up to date on The Real Racquetball Show schedule on USA Racquetball’s Facebook page. Of course, it’s fun to watch and ask questions live on the show, but we know schedules are full. The show is recorded and available there on Facebook in case you are not able to catch the show live.