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Racquetball on the Rebound

By Larry Haemmerle | Sept. 09, 2020, 5:12 p.m. (ET)

Courts are reopening across the nation! Are we prepared to start playing again as quickly as possible? Nothing pleases a facility manager more than seeing activity throughout the club by paying customers. Are we filling up the courts to demonstrate the loyalty of racquetball players and the profitability of racquetball?

During this unprecedented time of lockdowns and limitations, the threat to the fitness industry, including racquetball, has never been greater. Court closures, sometimes masked as “repurposing,” are occurring at many locations. While some estimates are predicting as much as a 50% cancellation in fitness memberships, we all know that racquetball players will return to the courts in droves.

Are you aware of what courts have reopened in your area? Are you communicating with other players to ensure that we are occupying the courts as quickly as possible? We’ve found that there are courts currently available for play but sitting vacant simply because no one knows that they’ve available. Is that the case in your area?

If you’ve identified courts that have reopened, get the word out as quickly as possible and encourage everyone to begin playing. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other method of social media to communicate. You can even go “old school” and call your buddies and set up some playing time.

Remember, the busier the courts, the harder they are to take away!

If you are a President or Board Member of a State Association, this is a perfect time for your Board to offer your support to facilities and players in your state.

Show club owners and managers that the square footage occupied by courts is valuable to their business. Help them with programming (leagues, clinics, etc.) – activities that will serve their members and could bring in new ones as well.

The USAR website location dedicated to saving courts will be up and running this month, and the USAR’s Future of Racquetball group is eager to help. Contact us!

Let’s show the fitness industry the true value of racquetball!

Mike Grisz    

(Past President -- Texas; Treasurer -- Virginia)                  

Larry Haemmerle

(Past President – USA Racquetball/Colorado)           

Cheryl Kirk

(Past President – USA Racquetball/State President -- Illinois)

Laura Pesek                                       

(State President -- Indiana)