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Board Update - October 2020

Oct. 12, 2020, 5:21 p.m. (ET)


With well-received Board updates from the first three Serving Up the News issues under our belts, the Board is pleased to provide a consolidated report of our September 28th meeting.

Roll Call (Cheryl Kirk)

Attending: Thurman Brooks, Steve Czarnecki (Treasurer), Michelle De La Rosa (Athlete Rep), Scott Fish, Mike Grisz, Cheryl Kirk (Secretary), Danielle Maddux (Athlete Rep), Charlie Pratt (Athlete Rep), Terry Rogers, JD Shelton, Stewart Solomon (Vice President), Cindy Tilbury, Mike Wedel (Executive Director), Dan Whitley (President)

A quorum was achieved. President Whitley provided prior notice of the meeting.

Approval of Minutes (Cheryl Kirk)

Motion to approve the August 24, 2020, Board meeting minutes that were forwarded prior to this call.

Seconded/No Discussion/Passed Unanimously

Executive Committee Update (Dan Whitley) 

Due to the financial impact of the pandemic (fewer members and fewer sanctioned events), a sub-group of Board members met several times in September to begin to formulate a short-term strategic plan. Note: See Short Term Strategic Discussion in this update.

Executive Director Update (Mike Wedel)


Giving Games is still working on Omaze raffles. Expecting to hear more soon.

End-of-year donation campaigns are planned for Giving Tuesday and at the end of the year.


As announced on the Real Racquetball Show, USAR is initiating a new monthly award––Real Racquetball Champion––to recognize someone each month who is acting to impact the sport in a positive way. The first recipient is scheduled to be announced on October 5.

Staff Focus

  • Website revisions/improvements
  • 2021 National Championships
  • Social media communication
  • Real Racquetball Show
  • Serving Up the News (newsletter)
  • R2Sports updates for World Outdoor Racquetball and SafeSport

Financial Update (Steve Czarnecki)

The treasurer provided financial reports prior to the meeting.

No changes from the last few months. The $100k donation from Root Laboratories is very helpful.  Challenges come with lack of membership renewals and sanctioned events as well as the absence of US OPEN revenue. Two grants have been procured and another applied for, as well as loans that will be utilized only if necessary.

Member revenue is down 33% against budget. While hopefully not the case if members step up to renew, memberships are expected to decline more as the pandemic continues and as the time of year approaches where memberships have been historically renewed and purchased. Sanctioning fee revenue is also down 60% from where it was hoped to be by now. Contributions are down. Medal of Giving funds helped in August.

Short-Term Strategic Plan Discussion

The group mentioned under ExCom Update in these minutes met several times in September. There are no conclusive determinations as yet. The group continues to apply analysis and scrutiny to the challenges presented by the pandemic. The USAR National Championships schedule is a major topic under consideration. Board members not involved in the above-mentioned weekly meetings weighed in with their perspectives and ideas.

Committee Updates (Stewart Solomon and Committee Representatives)

WOR Committee: Rule Revision Recommendations (Michelle De La Rosa)

WOR Rules updates were provided to the Board prior to the meeting. They were ratified with only two minor revisions and will soon be published in the USAR Rulebook on the website,

A Board member expressed that a video to help indoor players better understand the outdoor game would be helpful.

Fundraising Committee (Stewart Solomon) – A pre-read PowerPoint deck was provided as a general update of the committee’s recent activities.

Election Committee (Cheryl Kirk) -- The 2020-21 Election Committee is beginning its work and will soon publish a notice for members 18 and over to submit a statement if interested in running for a seat on the USA Racquetball Board of Directors. There will be two seats up for election, with a maximum of six candidates on the slate. The election will take place in March 2021.

Scholarship Committee (Dan Whitley) – High school seniors and college students are invited to submit USAR Scholarship applications. Applications must be submitted online at with a deadline of December 31 and will be reviewed in January by the committee. Note: please see the article in this issue of Serving Up the News for further details.

Hall of Fame Committee (Terry Rogers) – The committee will meet in October to review all Hall of Fame nominations that were received by the September 15 deadline.

New Business

Transgender Inclusion Policy (Mike Wedel) – At the request of the USOPC for all National Governing Bodies, USA Racquetball is in process of developing an inclusion policy for transgender individuals in racquetball. The policy will be provided to the Board soon for ratification.

Adjourned 7:24 pm MT

Next Meeting – October 26, 2020

The Board of Directors is pleased to share updates from our monthly meetings. If anyone has specific questions about how the Board of Directors operates in service to USAR Members, please write to Vice President Stewart Solomon or Secretary Cheryl Kirk:

Stewart –

Cheryl –