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Future of Racquetball Update - Oct. 2020

Oct. 08, 2020, 1:12 p.m. (ET)

Dear USA Racquetball Members,

Here’s a short update on the work of our group whose simple but vital mission is to provide strategies for saving courts:

  1. We are finalizing a Strategic Plan to Preserve Courts Profitably that will be accompanied by Court Program Coordinator (CPC) job descriptions and how-to’s. Target constituents are clubs and gyms, state associations, and CPCs themselves.
  2. The USA Racquetball website will soon house resources in multiple categories including but not limited to letters, data, materials, programming support, club membership growth, alternative court uses that leave courts intact, etc.
  3. To maximize court utilization, USA Racquetball Executive Director Mike Wedel and other leaders in racquetball are exploring the concept of proactively connecting with other sports that use the same 20x40 space in clubs.

Do you have employees or volunteers who are coordinating court activities in your club? If you have successes or ideas to share, contact any member of the Future of Racquetball group:

Mike Grisz

(Past President -- Texas; Treasurer -- Virginia)                           

Larry Haemmerle

(Past President – USA Racquetball/Colorado)              

Cheryl Kirk

(Past President – USA Racquetball/State President -- Illinois)

Laura Pesek

(State President -- Indiana)