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USAR Board of Directors Update -- November 2020

Nov. 11, 2020, 12:42 p.m. (ET)

Greetings, USAR Members! Here are some highlights from our most recent meeting held in late October. This way, you can get a flavor for what the Staff and Board are doing “behind the scenes” to make the most of our time while we’re waiting for better times for our sport (and for the whole world!).



Meeting called to order by President Dan Whitley on Monday, October 26, 2020, at 5:34 pm MT

Roll Call -- Eleven Board members, including three athlete representatives, were in attendance.

Approval of Minutes - Cheryl Kirk

Motion to approve the September 28, 2020, Board meeting minutes forwarded prior to this call.


Discussion: None

Vote: Passed unanimously

Executive Director and Staff Update (Mike Wedel)

Mike Wedel covered fundraising (past results and future plans); business relief grant obtained from El Paso County; Serving Up the News newsletter; R2 ranking system updates and WOR ranking system; staff project updates.

5:43 pm  Staff members Renée Isherwood and Connor Shane joined the meeting to update the Board on their activities under the categories of Fundraising, Communication, Event Analytics, and National Championships.



  • Little Green Light software is being implemented (projected completion early December 2020).
  • Giving Tuesday is December 1. A page has been created on the USAR website.
  • A USAR face covering will be a thank-you gift for donations $40 and up.
  • A holiday greeting card has been designed and will be sent to express gratitude to this year’s generous donors.


  • Managing and updating website, communicating with members via iContact email, posting on social media
  • Working to transition the WOR website over to USAR’s page -- projected year-end completion
  • Administrating newsletter content with Aimee Ruiz and Cheryl Kirk
  • Managing Board election posts for Election Committee
  • Finished USOPC review reporting requirements


Event Analytics

  • Shared a number of slides relative to sanctioned event decline over last six years and event density fluctuation (less events but more people attending per event)

National Championships Schedule

  • Working on events dates and locations, all tentative based on the pandemic.

Financial Update (Steve Czarnecki)

Financial performance through September was generally as forecast. Individual contribution revenue has improved and caught up to budget based on the performance of The Giving Games Medal of Giving campaign. Thank you to those valued donors. The donation from Root Laboratories made earlier in the year continues to be of great importance. Small Business Association Payroll Protection Plan and grant funding has been quite helpful. Membership and sanction fee revenue continue to be significantly less than budgeted with the months typically having the highest such revenue approaching. While challenging to forecast accurately, membership revenue over the coming months will be very important to continued organizational operations.

Committee Updates (Stewart Solomon)

Election Committee Update -- Cheryl Kirk reported that statements of interest are due November 6 and the committee will work through the month of November to follow its election process timeline and bring a slate for Board approval to the scheduled 11/30/20 meeting.

Future of Racquetball (Save Courts) Group -- Mike Grisz reported on the group’s work to generate a high-level PowerPoint deck, a Court Programming Coordinator manual, and a clearinghouse for materials being developed for the USAR website.

Stewart Solomon (VP/Committee Coordinator) will be asking for active committees to relay reports prior to each Board meeting going forward.

New Board Members (Dan Whitley)

Two Board members have resigned from the Board. Per USAR Bylaws, President Dan Whitley holds the responsibility of identifying and appointing replacements. Dan asked all Board members to suggest possible candidates who possess skills to strengthen the Board, including but not limited to marketing, fundraising, management, and leadership.

Outstanding Items

Michelle De La Rosa reported on the successful Las Vegas 3WallBall event that took place in mid-October.

Next Meeting – November 30, 2020

Motion and second to adjourn the meeting.

Adjourned 7:27 pm MT



Well, that’s it, and we look forward to our end-of-November meeting when we will be hearing from various committees on their work to strengthen USAR and racquetball going into the future.

Just as a side note, he Board has met on Zoom since last spring. If you are serving on a State Association Board of Directors and haven’t tried it yet, we highly recommend it. It fosters a sense of purpose and partnership you can’t always achieve on a voice-only conference call.

Take care, everyone, and if you have questions about the Board’s work, please contact Stewart Solomon (VP) or Cheryl Kirk (Secretary).

If you have questions about the Staff’s activities, please contact Mike Wedel.