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USA Racquetball Hall of Fame Inductee, Davey Bledsoe, Has Passed Away

Jan. 07, 2020, 4 p.m. (ET)

USA Racquetball, with deepest sympathy as we remember Davey Bledsoe. Davey was both and indoor Racquetball (2010) and outdoor Racquetball (2019) Hall of Famer.

(Indoor Professional Athlete, Inducted 2010)

Davey's career began in 1973 when he won the IRA Intercollegiate Championships in Champaign, IL. The highlight of his professional career was his 1977 upset victory over Marty Hogan. Davey was also a true racquetball ambassador, featured in over 150 television, radio, and magazine interviews and articles.

WOR Website - Davey Bledsoe, is one of the fastest and most talented indoor/outdoor stars who was nicknamed (in sport's publications) the "Golden Retriever" due to his blonde, flowing hair and his unforgettable retrievals and great speed at tracking down every shot sometimes 60 feet away. He was a legendary pro who played indoor and outdoor racquetball from the 1970's and 1980's.

Bledsoe is one of the few pros to have been inducted into both the USAR Hall of Fame (indoor) and WOR Outdoor Hall of Fame. He joins indoor/outdoor legends - Dr. Bud, Charlie Brumfield, Brian Hawkes, Lynn Adams Clay, Marty Hogan and contributor Bud Held, (the founder of Ektelon Racquetball) as the few inductees to achieve this great honor.

Davey received glowing endorsement from our early outdoor stars like Martha McDonald, Marty Hogan and Charlie Brumfield for being one of the games' greatest players and many on the committee feel he was the sport's fastest outdoor player ever.

According to Hogan, "Davey Bledsoe is only the fourth player in indoor/outdoor history to win the sport's true triple crown." (Pro Nationals Indoor Singles, National Indoor Doubles and Outdoor National Singles in (1978). "This rare accomplishment has only been achieved by Charlie Brumfield, Davey Bledsoe, Rocky Carson and myself and is worthy of induction into every racquetball HOF."

At the Outdoor Nationals, Bledsoe had a lot of success beating 6 top singles National Outdoor finalists/champions including: Marty Hogan (the 1978 singles champ); Dan Southern (the 1980/1985 singles champ); Rich Wagner (the 1979 singles finalist); Ed Andrews (the 1986 singles finalist); Lindsay Meyers (the 1982 singles finalist); and Bobby Stocker (the 1980 singles finalist) or "Murderer's Row."

The memorial service to honor Davey Bledsoe, on Friday, January 10th at 3:00 followed by a reception. During the service, they will open the floor to anyone who would like to say some words, a prayer, and/or share a story. The service will be held at West Cobb Church, 1245 Villa Rica Rd. Marietta, GA 30127