2020 National Doubles Championships Wrap Up

By Renee Isherwood | Feb. 10, 2020, 3:08 p.m. (ET)

2020 U.S. National Doubles Champions Alejandro Landa & Sudsy Monchik and Erika Manilla & Aimee Ruiz. Photos courtesy of Kevin Savory.

The USA Racquetball 2020 National Doubles Championships wrapped up in Tempe, Arizona this weekend. Three hundred thirty competitors from 32 states converged on the campus of Arizona State University, playing more than 500 matches. With National Titles and Team USA appointments on the line, the competition was fierce!

In the Women's Doubles Team Qualifying divisions, Hollie Scott and partner, Lexi York, took on veteran Aimee Ruiz with her partner, Erika Manilla. Ruiz' down the line lob serve was on point, catapulting Ruiz and Manilla to an 11-1 lead. Scott and York climbed back scoring five unanswered points. Once Ruiz got the serve back, she didn't let up leading the ladies to 15-6 first game. Scott became frustrated in the second game, calling an early time out, and York came back with a soft touch to take the lead 5-4. The second game ended 15-9 with an encroachment call on York, giving Manilla and Ruiz the title.

The Men's Doubles Team Qualifying final featured Jose Diaz and Jake Bredenbeck against Sudsy Monchik and Alejandro Landa. A dual citizen, Landa hit several shots the circled the court, bouncing off five and six walls. At 3-10, Diaz hit a reverse pinch in the right corner; Monchik flicked his racquet but skipped the ball. Bredenbeck's power allowed the duo to claw their way back to 11-13, but Landa and Monchik held on to take the first game.

Early in game two, there were several serves with no points scored. Then Diaz/Bredenbeck went on a run at 10-4, with Diaz making a squeeze pinch to take them to 11. There were long rallies, followed by the roar of an appreciative crowd. Diaz/Bredenbeck took game 2, forcing the tiebreaker.

The third game was close throughout. At 8-8, the crowd got behind Diaz/Bredenbeck. The energy of the crowd fed Bredenbeck. The match got chippy, with both teams jawing at each other. At 10-9, Referee Troy Warigon called a skip ball on Diaz/Bredenbeck which was appealed, but not overturned, giving the win to Alejandro Landa and Sudsy Monchik.

In the Race for the Team (Singles), Rocky Carson battled Alejandro Landa in the Men's Team Qualifying Singles finals. Throughout the match, there were several gasps and bursts of cheering for the incredible gets these two managed. Carson was in complete control of game 1, winning 15-6. Landa's frustration showed in game 2. Both served aces during the match. And while Landa led 13-12, Carson won 15-14 and earned himself 30 points.

In a preview of athletes to come at the 2020 National Intercollegiate Championships in Baton Rouge, LA, Erika Manilla and Hollie Scott faced off in the finals of the Women's Singles Team Qualifying division. These two ladies battled fiercely, with Hollie Scott winning the first game 15-3. These two former Junior National Team teammates fought hard for the second, with Manilla ultimately forcing the tiebreaker after winning the second game, 12-15. This tiebreak game was one for the racquetball crowd! Each lady left it all on the court, trading serves and taking the game to 9-9. Hollie pulled out the win, 11-9.

Follow the third leg of the Race for the Team this May as the National Singles Championships return to Texas on the campus of Texas A&M University, May 27-31, 2020.