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Election Committee Update Dec 2020

Dec. 14, 2020, 11:03 a.m. (ET)

In November, Serving Up the News provided an Election Committee update that included the following:

After Zoom sessions [with interested parties] are complete, the Election Committee will prepare a slate of between two and six individuals (up to three for each of the two Board seats coming available) they feel will best meet the needs and forward direction of the Board. That slate will be presented to the Board of Directors at their late November meeting for ratification.

The election will be held in March 2021 with results announced in early April. New Board members will officially take their seats at the conclusion of the USA Racquetball Board of Directors meeting that typically corresponds with USAR National Singles in late May each year.

For more information about Selection Procedures for the four Board of Directors position categories, please visit and choose About, Leadership, Selection Procedures.


December Update

At the November 30, 2020, meeting of the USAR Board of Directors, the Election Committee reported on its work and presented their recommended slate to the Board.

Main points covered prior to the presentation of the recommended slate included the election cycle timeline (on schedule); changes in processes for this 2020-21 election cycle; addition of Zoom sessions with potential candidates; and use of a Board matrix created to determine strengths and gaps in the skills and experience of the existing Board.

The committee recommended four individuals for inclusion on the slate who best meet current Board and Association needs.

The Board voted to approve the committee’s recommended slate for the March 2021 Board of Directors election. The individuals on the approved slate are:

  • Todd Boss (Virginia)
  • Terry Rogers (Nevada)
  • Stewart Solomon (Massachusetts)
  • Carolyn Vazquez (Illinois)

As the new year unfolds, members will be hearing more about these candidates from USA Racquetball and as they individually reach out to campaign for a seat on the Board of Directors. Look for more information in the January edition of Serving Up the News!

Todd Boss Headshot
Todd Boss
  Terry Roger Headshot
Terry Rogers

Stewart Solomon
Carolyn Vazquez Headshot
Carolyn Vazquez