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Future of Racquetball Dec 2020 Update

By Larry Haemmerle | Dec. 11, 2020, 11:06 a.m. (ET)

The Future of Racquetball group has been fully engaged in developing a more complete toolkit to guide state and local racquetball entities in combating court conversions, closures, and even encouraging adding racquetball courts in the construction of new fitness facilities. This toolkit will be a living body of documents, constantly evolving and improving as this effort gains traction.

In its current form, anyone can access the content on the USA Racquetball website at under the heading of Sample Documents. You will find sample letters, a Court Programming Coordinator (CPC) position description and a CPC Facility Model demonstrating the financial value of the CPC position to a fitness facility.

You will also find a Racquetball Basics and Benefits document as well as a listing of other court sports and their respective websites. This information is targeted at convincing facility owners and managers of the value of an active racquetball program and the value of court space for other court-specific sports. It is critical that we convince them that a robust court program with a universal and inclusive approach to other sports results in a full and profitable schedule of court activities.

Our group is deeply passionate about our sport, and we’re ready, willing, and able to support court retention and, hopefully, new court construction. Remember, these issues are paramount in ensuring the future of racquetball. Without courts, we’ll lose our sport. With courts, we’ll bring fun and fitness to future generations!


Do you have employees or volunteers who are coordinating court activities in your club? If you have successes or ideas to share, contact any member of the Future of Racquetball group:

Mike Grisz

(Past President -- Texas/Treasurer -- Virginia) 

Larry Haemmerle

(Past President – USA Racquetball/Colorado)

Cheryl Kirk

(Past President – USA Racquetball/State President -- Illinois)

Laura Pesek

(Past State President -- Indiana)