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GivingTuesday Benefactors Support USA Racquetball in a Big-Hearted Way!

By Renee Isherwood | Dec. 11, 2020, 11:16 a.m. (ET)

On December 1, 2020, more than 100 countries came together to demonstrate kindness and generosity by giving voice, time, money, goods, and more to support their communities and causes. Here in the United States, on this day known globally as GivingTuesday, our racquetball family, friends, and supporters raised over $12,000 to support the core programs of USA Racquetball!

This was by far the most successful GivingTuesday campaign ever realized by USA Racquetball. The $3,000 goal was shattered in the morning and was quickly adjusted to $10,000. Almost 50 people donated directly to USA Racquetball on GivingTuesday via our website, raising $6,205.

In addition to the generous website donations, Arya and Esha Cyril, junior racquetball athletes from Pleasanton, California, launched a GoFundMe GivingTuesday for USA Racquetball campaign. Over breakfast one morning, their dad, Patrick, read the GivingTuesday email announcement to the family and the girls wondered how they could support USA Racquetball. They decided to create the GoFundMe campaign, and they raised $6,000, which includes individuals as well as a corporate match by Oracle!

The Cyril twins’ efforts brought the grand total of GivingTuesday donations to $12,205!

2020 GvingTuesday Infographic

USA Racquetball is so thankful to those who made a financial gift as well as to those who spread the word about GivingTuesday. We can never thank you enough for your teamwork and your kindness on this very special of days!