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2020-21 US Junior Team Roster

Aug. 27, 2020, 3 p.m. (ET)

USA Racquetball is proud to announce the 2020-21 U.S. National Junior Team. Please see the associated press release for a description of the qualifying process that was utilized to select the team in this most unusual of years, i.e., in the absence of the USA Racquetball National Junior Championships event that was scheduled for June and had to be cancelled.


Alternates to the team have been named as well. We consider alternate status very important to this team in case some team members cannot compete at World Juniors for any reason. We are confident in the ability and readiness of the alternates if they are called upon.


Note that in the Esprit divisions, non-point earners are still eligible to compete at World Juniors. The only difference is that their results do not go toward a country’s overall Esprit Cup results.


If the IRF World Junior Championships is able to be competed, and if the U.S. National Junior Team is able to attend, Head Coach Charlie Pratt and his assistant coaching staff will build a competitive roster for the event, first based on achievements and secondly on players’ availability to travel, etc. Circumstances may require a degree of flexibility once more is known. For example, with the basic team as listed here, singles and doubles positions and the number of positions competed by each player could undergo adjustments based on variables as yet unknown.


Announcing the 2020-21 U.S. National Junior Team:

World Cup (18-/16-/14- age divisions)

Boys 18 & under Girls 18 & under

Singles Singles

1. Cayden Akins 1. Annie Roberts

2. Julius Ellis 2. Erin Slutzky

Doubles Doubles

Dylan Pruitt Nikita Chauhan

Josh Shea Shane Diaz

Alternates Alternates

1. Kamahele Britos 1. Graci Wargo

2. Lucas Shoemaker 2. Megan Carver

3. Iain Dunn 3. Hannah Carver

4. Cody Thomas

Boys 16 & under Girls 16 & under

Singles Singles

1. Timmy Hansen 1. Heather Mahoney

2. Vedant Chauhan 2. Julia Stein

Doubles Doubles

Andrew Gleason Alondra Canchola

Krish Thakur Arya Cyril

Alternates Alternates

1. Kamahele Britos 1. Tess La Rue

2. Josh Shea 2. Esha Cyril

Boys 14 & under Girls 14 & under

Singles Singles

1. Nikhil Prasad 1. Ava Kaiser

2. Benjamin Horner 2. Kareena Mathew

Doubles Doubles

Gatlin Sutherland Thea Mattfeldt

Cole Sendrey Saigeetha Varadharajan


1. Paul Saraceno

2. Joey Rohlwing

3. Advait Kartik

Esprit Cup (12-/10- age divisions)

Boys 12 & under Girls 12 & under

Singles Singles

1. Nathan Rykhus 1. Aanshi Thakur

2. Eshan Ali 2. Zimena Barraza

Doubles Doubles

Ace Akins Victoria Rodriguez

Axel Lopez Jordan Ellis

Non-Point Earners Non-Point Earners

1. Alexander Pappas 1. Elizabeth Denler

2. Josh Tramm 2. Camila Canchola

3. Montserrat Torres

Boys 10 & under Girls 10 & under

Singles & Doubles Singles & Doubles

1. Ashton Guiraud 1. Alea Guiraud

2. Manav Raghuram 2. Natalia Canchola

Non-Point Earners

1. Ved Kartik

2. Caleb Marshall