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Moving into the Future

April 01, 2020, 5 p.m. (ET)

Please share this message throughout the racquetball community via email and social media. When able, please post this message where you play.


Club closures and the cancellation of racquetball events are having a significant and possibly long-lasting impact on the sport.  USA Racquetball is committed to the health of the sport and supporting its players, event organizers, and club owners.


We are also concerned for the many people and families who have been negatively impacted by the current situation, financially and otherwise. USA Racquetball supports the many efforts being taken to reduce medical impact.


During this difficult time, if you are in a position to do so, please consider taking some of the below steps to help the sport we love prosper in the future.


Continue Making Club Membership Payments


Many club owners have been forced to close. Revenue losses from such closures are putting the very existence of these businesses and the courts they own in jeopardy. Continuing to pay membership fees during closure periods, and encouraging others to do the same, may make the difference between your club and its courts closing temporarily or permanently.


Additionally, maintaining membership revenue will allow clubs to lessen the financial hardship placed on club employees in ways that benefit the long-term health of the club and the greater economy as a whole.


In continuing to make membership payments, let your club know you value the racquetball courts they provide. It is important that club owners understand the value that courts have to their members and businesses.


Support Cancelled Events


Event directors and state associations are the lifeblood of the competitive racquetball community. Most invest significant time and resources, making important contributions to the sport, with little or no financial benefit.


Many event directors and state associations who have had to cancel events have already invested funds in organizing these events. Ask them how you can help them get through these challenging times. Allowing them to keep entry fees may be helpful. Committing to sponsor, attend, or otherwise support their next event may be appropriate. Whatever you can do to help keep valued event directors and state associations healthy and invested in the sport is important and greatly appreciated.


Join or Rejoin USA Racquetball as a Member


Membership revenue is the lifeblood of USA Racquetball. Without it, USA Racquetball is not able to conduct national championships, administer player rankings, sanction and support local events, fund state associations, manage the rules, foster player development, or fund TEAM USA as it strives for gold on the international stage.


USA Racquetball has canceled three 2020 national championships: National Intercollegiate Championships, National Singles Championships, and National Junior Championships.  The cancellation of these championships, combined with the same for many regional, state, and local events, is anticipated to have a significant financial impact on the Association that puts its future in jeopardy.


Joining or rejoining USA Racquetball, whether or not you plan to compete in a sanctioned event in the near future, will provide valuable support to help the Association get through these difficult times. Further, if you are in a position to do more, please consider a tax-deductible donation to USA Racquetball to help ensure it can support and promote the sport into the future.


Together, as a racquetball family, we can weather these difficult times and continue to enjoy the sport we love long into the future.