Lawrence and Bredenbeck Win US Team Qualifying

May 31, 2019, 8:19 p.m. (ET)

2019 U.S. Team Qualifying champions Kelani Lawrence and Jake Bredenbeck. Photos courtesy of Kevin Savory.

Highlands Ranch, CO – The 2019 National Singles Championship was held in Highlands Ranch, Colorado May 22nd -26th at the Highlands Ranch Recreation Center – Northridge. This is the sport's premiere singles tournament, and everyone was invited to play. The tournament, presented by Penn, offered almost 500 matches in singles divisions for skill, and age+skill for men and women.

Most notably was the Men's and Women's U.S. Team Qualifying division which also determines one-year appointments to the U.S. National Team that helped athletes qualify for the 2019 Pan American Games and the 2020 Pan American Racquetball Championships. The finals for those divisions were held on Saturday, May 26th and featured 2014 national champion Jake Bredenbeck and reigning national champion David “Bobby: Horn, as well as Kelani Lawrence and 2019 collegiate national champion, Hollie Scott.

Having played to his max in the quarter finals against Thomas Carter (14-15, 15-12, 11-7), and semi-finals against Charlie Pratt (15-14, 10-15, 11-7) Horn noted in his post-game interview that he had nothing left to give. The number one seed, Jake Bredenbeck, made quick work of his second national title, winning 15-1, 15-1.

After defeating the reigning champion Rhonda Rajsich in the semi-finals (15-13, 9-15, 11-4), Kelani Lawrence took on a hot handed Hollie Scott. Not being 100% with a cold, Scott took Lawrence to three games that was one of the best women’s finals of all time, with Lawrence pulling out the win 12-15, 15-8, 11-10.

It was an emotional weekend for the Kelani Lawrence, as her mother Malia Bailey was inducted into the 2019 USA Racquetball Hall of Fame, as was 2019-2020 National team member, Cheryl Gudinas. Both women have contributed as players and coaches to the sport and it’s our honor to welcome as members of the Class of 2019 USA Racquetball Hall of Fame.