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Membership Updates

Dec. 03, 2019, 5:40 p.m. (ET)

Dear USA Racquetball Members,

At the semi-annual Board of Directors meeting in October, the Board made the decision to increase USA Racquetball's membership fees effective January 1, 2020.  This is the first membership fee increase by USA Racquetball in 11 years (the last one was January 1, 2009).

Below is the new fee schedule for all membership types. Please note that processing fees ($3.50) are now included within membership fees and will not appear as an additional charge when renewing. Including the processing fees means that the Adult (1 Year) Auto-Renewal membership is only increasing $6.50 per year.


Adult (1 Year) - $60 (with Auto-Renewal)

Adult (1 Year) - $65

Junior (1 Year)  - $30

Collegiate (1 Year) - $30

Limited Event Membership (1 weekend) - $25

Lifetime - $1,250 (unchanged)

Lifetime 65+ - $750 (unchanged)

WOR (1 Year) - $15.00+ $3.50 Service Fee ($18.50 Total, Auto-Renewal or not)


NEW - We are pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2020, all indoor memberships, except for LEM, will now include a WOR (outdoor) membership at no additional cost.  You will no longer need to purchase separate memberships for USAR Indoor and WOR.  If you currently have a WOR membership you will not need to renew it as long as your USAR Indoor membership is current.

Each member is invited to take advantage of the opportunity to renew his/her indoor membership at the current annual fee of $50 prior to the end of 2019. If this option is chosen,  please know that the additional year you renew before 1/1/20 will go forward from your current membership expiration date. For example, if your current expiration date is June 1, 2020, and you renew your annual membership before 1/1/20, your new expiration date will be June 1, 2021.

USA Racquetball is pleased to offer the convenient option of Auto-Renewal for the Adult 1-Year membership type. Auto-Renewal means you never have to worry about renewing before you register for a tournament, and you’ll get the best possible renewal rate for your USA Racquetball membership. With this convenient service, your membership will automatically be renewed each year, using the credit or debit card you provided for the membership. With the convenience of Auto-Renewal, we will no longer be offering the 3-year membership option.

We will never charge your credit/debit card without notifying you first! You'll receive an email notice near the end of each membership term showing your fee and the date your membership will automatically renew. Once your membership has been renewed, you will receive an additional email confirming this.

If you choose not to participate in Auto-Renewal, your membership can be renewed the old-fashioned way! You will still receive email reminders that your membership is expiring.

Regardless of how you renew your membership, you will continue to receive everything you have come to expect from USA Racquetball, including:

  • National Ranking System
  • National Championships and the US OPEN
  • US National Adult and Junior Teams
  • Support for local and regional tournaments
  • Maintaining and supporting the Rules of Racquetball
  • Providing a safe environment for youth with the most effective youth protection policies and barriers to abuse known today (SafeSport education and background checks)
  • Maintaining infrastructure support to our state associations (e.g., R2Sports, The US Center for SafeSport, and other online certifications)
  • Developing program materials and resources for racquetball clubs, coaches, and trainers.

I want to personally thank you for your continued support of USA Racquetball. We have a motivated and supportive Board of Directors working to set new strategies for USA Racquetball. We are in the process of adding dynamic new staff members to our dedicated USA Racquetball team in 2020. We look forward to developing initiatives to continuously improve service to and communication with our members and partners. 

The year 2020 will be an exciting one! Have a great holiday season, and we'll see you at upcoming USAR championship events beginning in February!



Mike Wedel

Executive Director 

USA Racquetball



USA Racquetball Membership/Auto-Renewal Q&A


Q: What does my USA Racquetball membership support?

A: USA Racquetball has over 155,000 visitors to our website annually, with over 31,000 participants in over 550 state and local tournaments sanctioned in 2019; five national championships; and one international tournament each year. Additionally, we support and manage the U.S. Adult and Junior National Teams that compete in international competitions. USA Racquetball provides financial assistance to state associations for grassroots campaigns via a rebate based on state membership levels. We provide programs for instructor development and referee certification. We facilitate five national championships around the country for all ages and skill levels. USA Racquetball partners with R2Sports to provide individual membership profiles, rankings, and tournament management.


Q: When was the last time USA Racquetball increased membership rates?

A: USA Racquetball has not raised membership rates since 2009 (11 years ago).


Q: What are the benefits of my USA Racquetball membership?

A: As a member of USA Racquetball, you have the ability to view your overall skill ranking and be ranked by age, state, and national. The R2Sports app provides you the tools to track your ranking, view your membership profile, and follow your friends. Members receive travel discounts with our partners United, Enterprise, IHG, and others. Stay connected by interacting with the racquetball community on our social media platforms. Find leagues and tournaments around the country. And so much more!


Q: Will my current USA Racquetball membership include the WOR membership?

A: YES. As of January 1, 2020, your new WOR membership will be automatically added to your profile and show the same expiration date as your Indoor membership. 


Q Will my current USA Racquetball Lifetime membership include the WOR membership?

A: YES. As of January 1, 2020, your new WOR Lifetime membership will be automatically added to your profile.


What if I already have both memberships, USAR Indoor and WOR membership?

A: When your current WOR membership expires, your new membership will automatically be tied to your Indoor membership and you will not need to renew the WOR membership, as long as your USAR Indoor membership is current. 


Q: How does Auto-Renewal work?

A: Beginning January 1, 2020, members will have the option to save on their annual membership by registering with an Auto-Renewal option. Log into your USA Racquetball membership profile on and select Purchase Membership. Choose the option for Adult Membership Auto-Renew – 1 Year. 


Q: How do I cancel the Auto-renewal option?

A: You will have the ability to cancel your Auto-Renewal 30 days prior to your membership expiration. A series of reminder emails will be sent to the email with which you register. Each email will have a link for you to be able to cancel.


Q: Does USA Racquetball or R2Sports retain my credit card information?

A: No. Neither USA Racquetball nor R2Sports have access to your credit card information. Instead, your information is stored with, a credit card processing company