New R2 Online Registration System

April 15, 2019, 8:35 a.m. (ET)

We are very happy to announce that the NEW R2 online registration system is now available and live when you enter your next event! USAR and R2 have been working to build this new system update for the past 6 months. We fully tested the new system by using it to do the registrations for National Intercollegiate Championships and it has performed great. With that being said, it is a new system and there are lot of things that could go wrong in a new registration, if you come across anything that does not seem to work correctly we ask that you, please send an email R2 Sports at

You will notice a new fresh look and feel to the R2 interface. All of the same functionality with few new things for your convenience.

There are fewer steps, but some of the information will be in different places. We designed the new system to be more user-friendly and provide more information to make registering for an event even easier!

Below is a look at the new Profile and Registrant page. You will see the pages have all the same fields and boxes to fill in your information.

Some of the new features you will find are:

  • If all required fields are answered, it begins on the view profile page. The old registration started on the edit profile page; now saving an extra step for returning users. If required fields are missing, it will first go to the edit profile page instead.
  • Upload a profile picture at the same time as modifying profile information.
  • Control R2 app privacy settings through your profile.
  • Possible registrants will automatically be added to registration if they have same email, phone, or address. Add other entrants to the registration.
  • You may not modify or view the profile information of someone else, only register and pay for them.
  • Entry summary updated in real time to see the total balance due for each registrant.
  • Warning messages if something required in the registration is missing.
  • Purchase membership and enter the event at the same time, instead of purchasing membership separately first like in the old registration.
  • Come back any time before the entry deadline to make changes to your entry.
  • This is an option that directors can disable.

Event Exceptions:

  • The following events will still use the old registration: NMRA events require 2 memberships and are not currently supported in the new registration.
  • Elections for state boards are also not yet supported.

NEW R2 Registration Interface