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Message to USA Racquetball Members

July 26, 2018, 9:15 p.m. (ET)

July 26, 2018

Dear Members of USA Racquetball,

The USA Racquetball Board of Directors take our responsibility to our members and our employees very seriously. Recent changes in the USA Racquetball staff have generated some uncertainty and concern.

While it would be imprudent to discuss the details of any employee's separation, we want to assure our members that we have acted, and will always endeavor to act, professionally and responsibly in the best interests of USA Racquetball, our members, and our sport. The Executive Committee and Board members are working together to keep the association operating "business as usual" in this time of transition.

An executive director search is underway with job postings on major sites including and As the next chapter of USA Racquetball unfolds and more information comes available, we will keep you informed.

We are connecting on a frequent basis with the staff, vendors, sponsors, and affiliated organizations/state associations. Our Board members (all non-compensated volunteers) are engaged and working on a number of initiatives such as membership growth, national event planning, fundraising, marketing, and much more. Committees are being formed for the new season, and many USA Racquetball members are involved. We welcome the fresh ideas created by diverse committee representation, and we're so excited about the work being accomplished in collaboration with the WOR/Outdoor Racquetball leadership group.

How can you help? As always, please participate by doing everything in your power to keep racquetball moving forward in your cities and towns. Be an ambassador...sign up your club as a facility partner...participate in local competitions and national events...teach beginners to play...and tell us what you're doing in your states to grow racquetball!

We ask for your support, and we look forward to seeing you at upcoming events, most especially the US OPEN in October. Also, please wish the US Junior Team players who will be attending camp in Colorado Springs next week a top-notch and fun training experience. And, be sure and visit for news of the US Team as they compete at the IRF World Championships in Costa Rica, August 11-18!


USA Racquetball Board of Directors

Joel Barshaw, Thurman Brooks, Jonathan Clay, Michelle De La Rosa, Jose Diaz, Scott Fish, Cheryl Kirk, Mike Kiedrowski, Joanne Pomodoro, Terry Rogers, Aimee Ruiz, Cindy Tilbury, Mike Wedel, Dan Whitley