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First Time Free Limited Event Memberships and Auto Renewal Options

July 17, 2018, 6:38 p.m. (ET)

USA Racquetball Offers First Time Free Limited Event Memberships and Auto-Renewal Options

During this past year, USA Racquetball and R2Sports have worked together to create a new shopping cart. This updated component to the membership and tournament software system will go live on Tuesday, June 12th.

As vital members and users of the R2Sports system, we wanted to share this exciting news in advance. As a courtesy, Ryan Rogers of R2Sports has created a "cheat sheet" for tournament directors. You can download this document at any time from the USA Racquetball website, under Resources and Forms.

In conjunction with this new shopping cart, USA Racquetball is also implementing the First Time Free Limited Event Membership for those who have not been a member, nor purchased an LEM, in the last three years. Players will not be able to upgrade this LEM for $30, but will be required to purchase a one-year membership. Should a player purchase a standard LEM for $20, they will have the ability to upgrade at the $30 difference.

We are also debuting the ability to sign up for auto-renewal on a one-year adult membership. As you purchase a one-year membership, you will have the ability to opt-in for auto-renewal. Neither your credit card number nor bank account information is stored within R2Sports. You also have the ability to log into your profile and opt-out at any time.

Should you need any assistance with the new shopping cart or have any questions about the new membership options, please do not hesitate to reach out to the staff of USA Racquetball via email or phone at 719-635-5396.