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2018 January Racquetball Ambassador Nancy Luyando

Jan. 16, 2018, 3:01 p.m. (ET)

Ambassador Spotlight with Nancy Luyando

Nancy Luyando

Each month USA Racquetball highlights one of our hardworking Ambassadors that is growing the game on the local level.  Ambassadors are vital to informing and inspiring players on the local level to continue enjoying the sport of Racquetball.  If you would like to become a USA Racquetball Ambassador, please click on the blue sign-up now button to be taken to our website.

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This month’s Ambassador Spotlight is Nancy Luyando from Manalapan, New Jersey.

How long have you been playing racquetball?

I began playing racquetball back in 1981. I was a new mom and my husband saw how devoted I was to my sons and suggested as a break I should get out and try racquetball. From a recreational player, I became league coordinator and over time became a certified racquetball instructor. Most recently I became RMC for Head racquetball.

What is your #1 contribution back to the sport?

The contribution I am most proud of is introducing people to this wonderful game that has so many positive attributes--from the thrill of a very competitive sport, to the social aspect that allows for new friendships to be born and nourished, to the overall fitness way-of-life. I get a thrill hearing from someone I introduced to racquetball how racquetball has impacted their life!

Why is being an Ambassador to the sport important to you?

Racquetball has been a huge part of my life in many ways. And just as I've derived many benefits from the work and contributions of others I want to continue returning the favor and giving back to the sport I love. Being a Racquetball Ambassador would be a great way for me to contribute and help this great way-of-life grow.


Information About the USA Racquetball Ambassador Program

USA Racquetball has created an Ambassador Program targeted toward developing relationships with players in health clubs, fitness centers, schools and universities. The goal is to provide an avenue for passing information from USA Racquetball to the general racquetball public. An Ambassador is usually someone who is at the club 3-4 times per week and does not mind talking with people about the game of racquetball.

We have some additional information for you such as a short video to watch and an online form below you can submit with your name, email address and club/school information. Click the sign up now button link above or visit: