Racquetball is Old School Social Media

Dec. 01, 2017, 3:48 p.m. (ET)


Written by: Lucy Hoffman

November 30, 2017

Red Iron Brand Solutions, LLC is an official sponsor of USA Racquetball. Because we are a small, growing company, we wanted to focus our sponsorship dollars on an organization in which we find a lot of pleasure, as well as an excellent workout program. Two of our three owners of Red Iron are avid members of the racquetball family. 

I asked three other local racquetball players why they choose this form of exercise. Below are the response:

“Racquetball (RB) is one of the best cardiovascular workouts without ‘working out.’ RB is a competitive game of skill and strategy that happens to make you sweat. Meeting some great people playing RB for 44 years is an extra bonus.” John Cochell, Greenville SC

“Racquetball is old school social media. I enjoy interacting with club players every day and playing in tournaments. Tournaments give us a chance to catch up with people we have not seen for a while and compete at the next level. Many times the conversations and sharing of news are just as good as the matches.” Brian Phillips, Greenville, SC.

“Racquetball has been my workout program for 50+ years. I love playing this competitive game.  I never enjoyed working out on machines or with weights and the only reason I occasionally did, was for racquetball. That was my cross training, and I didn’t do much of it. But racquetball?  When younger, I always played in at least two leagues, playing sometimes four and five times in a week. I can’t do that anymore but I still get on the courts two to three times a week. It keeps my body moving and I’m a firm believer that a body in motion, stays in motion.”  Bill Watkins, Greer, SC.

I particularly liked the comment that Racquetball is "old school social media." That rings true in the connections that players have, but it is face to face connections and not information on technology. Each time I attend a competition, I see competitors hugging, slapping high-five, asking each other about players who are missing from this tournament. Playing this sport creates those social connections that social media tends to ignore. Interestingly, Racquetball is both a social and an exercise medium. Those who begin this sport tend to stay active in it for decades, meaning if you compete, you will regularly run into people you meet at other events. The ability to get your workout while enjoying those with whom you compete offers both the body and the mind stimulation.  

Clearly, if you want to make friends and you need exercise as well, racquetball offers both in abundance. You could choose an aerobics class, or weight training, both of which offer the possibilities of a great work out, but you’d be missing that needed social connection for which many of us long. Think about this while you are considering where to put your time and your effort. 

 If you are also competitive, then this is an excellent choice. You can compete at many levels with players that fit in your range.  

As quoted from the website, Let’s Play Racquetball, “Any physical activity can reduce stress by increasing your endorphins, but racquetball can especially erase your worries. When you’re caught up in the intense back-and-forth of racquetball, you’re not thinking about the day’s problems or tomorrow’s to-do list. Shedding the day’s tensions can lead to daily improvements in energy and optimism in all that you do, says MayoClinic.com. Regular physical activity through racquetball can reduce or eliminate your risk for many health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. Racquetball can also reduce your risk for coronary heart disease by reducing your triglyceride levels and increasing your “good" cholesterol.

The positive reasons for playing Racquetball are clear. Health and social benefits, relatively little cost to get involved, improvement in cardiovascular health, weight control, stronger bones and muscles – all speak loudly as to the benefits of Racquetball. Come join us! 

We would like to extend our services to members of our Racquetball community. Please feel free to checkout our website or call us directly for ways to improve your company or tournament branding and mention that you are a part of the USA Racquetball family.