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2015 World Junior Racquetball Championship

Nov. 06, 2015, 2 a.m. (ET)

  IRF XXVII World Junior Racquetball Championship
November 7-14, 2015
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
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The U.S. Junior National Racquetball Team is competing in the 2015 IRF XXVII World Junior Racquetball Championship, November 7-14, 2015 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  Below are some helpful links to keep you updated on all the latest results and news from the Junior Worlds.
We have a full team of Americans competing in singles and doubles for the U.S. Junior National Racquetball Team along with coaches, a trainer, team leader and support staff. Read the Daily Blogs by Cheryl Kirk who will be providing updates and photos from Santo Domingo. There are several links below to stay up to date with all the latest news, results and photos. Please leave a comment below or on our Facebook page for Team USA. Use the hashtags: #racquetball and #juniorworlds

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2015 USA Junior Racquetball Team Roster

Boys 18 Singles
                Girls 18 Singles
Sam Bredenbeck
Daniel Rojas
  Lexi York
Brittany Click
Boys 16 Singles
  Girls 16 Singles
Daniel Rojas
Justus Benson
  Erika Manilla
Jordan Cooperrider
Boys 14 Singles
  Girls 14 Singles
Akul Ramayani
Antonio Rojas
  Briana Jacquet
Nikita Chauhan
Boys 18 Doubles
  Girls 18 Doubles
Sam Bredenebeck/Jake Birnel   Lexi York/Hollie Scott
Boys 16 Doubles
  Girls 16 Doubles
Wayne Antone/Kevin Vazquez   Erika Manilla/Jordan Cooperrider
Boys 14 Doubles
  Girls 14 Doubles
Mitchell Turner/Julian Singh   Elena Dent/Graciana Wargo
Boys 12 Singles
  Girls 12 Singles
Antonio Rojas
  Julia Stein
Akul Ramayani
Tommy Andraos  
James D'Ambrogia    
Boys 12 Doubles
  Girls 12 Doubles
Tommy Andraos/James D'Ambrogia   Heather Mahoney/Julia Stein
Boys 10 Singles
  Girls 10 Singles
Vendant Chauhan   Heather Mahoney
Josh Shea   Sage Hartman

  Raina Hartman
Boys 10 Doubles

Girls 10 Doubles
Vendant Chauhan/Josh Shea   Raina Hartman/Sage Hartman


Cheryl Gudinas – Head Coach
Jeff Conine – Assistant Coach
Jen Meyer – Assistant Coach (Esprit)
Jody Nance – Trainer/Assistant Coach
Cheryl Kirk – Team Leader

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