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2015 Board of Directors Election Information

March 01, 2015, 5:43 p.m. (ET)

It is Election time again and USA Racquetball asks you, the members of our association, to vote for the two upcoming vacancies. We are proud to provide our members with electronic voting which offers them ease of voting directly from their computers and at their convenience.
Deadline to cast your ballot - April 10. No service charges will be incurred by our members.

Requirements: Any currently licensed member in good standing, over the age of 18, is eligible to vote. If your license has expired or if you are new to racquetball and want to join USA Racquetball, click on the 'enter now' icon and register as a first time participant.

Voting: Candidates are listed in alphabetical order and are identified as USAR Board Slate Approved or Petitioners

Members may vote only once for one (1) or two (2) candidates of their choice to fulfill the 2 upcoming vacancies.

Election Website Link:

 Voting Instructions:

1) ENTER your r2sports user id and password then click on the yellow 'log in' oval (click on the 'forgot log in info' link in blue if you cannot remember your r2 log in and it will instantly be emailed to the email address on account)

2) VERIFY your profile information then click on the 'ok' grey button at the bottom of the screen

3) CONFIRM your account on the online entry Step 1 then click on the 'go to Step 2' button at the bottom of the screen and confirm the information on that screen, click on the 'go to Step 3' at the bottom of the screen

4) Online Entry Step 3- VOTE for up to (2) two candidates by clicking on the appropriate boxes. Please note your vote selection will be finalized once you click on the 'SUBMIT' button at the bottom of the page. 




PAUL DINGWITZ     Massachusetts
I started playing racquetball at a very young age (8 years old). My love for the sport was instant, my passion and intrigue have continued to grow at a steady trajectory over the years and are still going strong today. For me this is not just a sport or a pastime, it's truly a part of my daily life. Over the years my participation in Racquetball has grown from a general player to a sponsored player (E-Force), now onto a Tournament Director and a Board Member for Massachusetts State Racquetball Association. When I look at my personal growth and advances in the Racquetball Community, I don't see that same path or excitement level for many other players over the years. As athletic facilities continue to consolidate, and Racquetball continues to lessen it's footprint Nationally, that is an issue for me. This is an amazing sport that provides so much more than most people realize. The benefits of this sport go well beyond the athletic advancements, this sport brings people together, it provides an opportunity to have 1:1 interactions that require you to use athletic ability and social interactions simultaneously, it encourages top-level sportsmanship and self fortitude.

SCOTT FISH     Oregon
I am interested in running for one of the open positions on the USA Racquetball board. I live in Portland, OR and have been playing since 1998. When I started, I was involved with the Oregon HS Association in its early days and worked with several Portland area schools to have the sport become a recognized club and lettered sport. For the last thirteen years, I have been developing digital marketing strategies, specializing in SEO, paid search, social media and email marketing in the hospitality and sports marketing industries. This is the kind of background and involvement that can elevate USA Racquetball.  I want to Serve on the USA Racquetball Board of Directors because my interest and expertise in developing digital marketing strategies and plans will bring a fresh level of business and marketing strategies to the USAR's player acquisition, communication, and retention. Our ageless sport has opportunities to grow in depth from the juniors program through to the masters. Within each of these groups are opportunities to share the story of why racquetball is important as a community, fitness, and competitive outlet. I have two passions; finding unique ways to connect consumers (players) to organizations and racquetball! I see some fun and exciting ways to grow the sport. Thank you for this opportunity!


MIKE GRISZ     Texas
The sport of racquetball has been transformative for me. I started playing, inadvertently, over 40 years ago, and since then it has taken a pivotal role in my life. It has given me great pleasure over that time to train and compete, and I consider it a personal cornerstone. For that reason, I want to give back to the game I love. I have had a successful career as a financial advisor, and I think my business background will be useful in helping our sport resurrect itself as a popular choice among people of all ages and players of all skill levels. I would like to see the sport grow and prosper, and I want to do whatever it takes to ensure its success now and in the future. I have been a tournament player for years, and in that span I have played, refereed, and run the tournaments themselves. I currently serve as Secretary on the Texas Racquetball Association Board of Directors, and I am willing to do whatever I can to promote racquetball in any way possible.


Please consider the following statement and resume concerning my interest in a position on the Board of Directors for the USAR. I have been involved in Michigan racquetball since 2004, being a part of the local organizing committee for the 2006 and 2009 Junior Olympic Championships. In 2012 I was elected as the Vice President of the board for our state organization. I continue to be involved with our club hosting tournaments, this year we were able to host our 4th IRT Tier 1 Tour event, my responsibilities for that event included, handling the media scheduling from a club and IRT perspective, and fundraising to make the event a financially successful one. In 2008 I accepted the position as Regional Marketing Coordinator for HEAD/PENN racquetball, in that position I have been directly responsible for managing the HEAD contracted players in our state. I have been the USAR junior committee chairperson for the last 6 years and have helped many junior programs around the country. In my professional life I have been working at a company that myself and two other partners started in 1987, we are a special machine building company that supplies the automotive industry nationwide and in Mexico. Our company specializes in high tech assembly solutions. We started the company with 5 employees and currently employ 20 full time skilled people. I hope you will consider my credentials as a candidate for the Board; I feel that I would be an asset to the organization.


I am currently serving as the Secretary for the USAR Board of Directors and have enjoyed seeing the progress we have made since I joined in 2013.  I would like to continue my active role in assisting the growth and development of my passion for racquetball. My plans also include providing encouraging opportunities for growth of new players, improve the communication with recreational and club players, and continue to serve the loyal tournament players that have continued to support racquetball. I am also very involved and communicate in monthly teleconference meetings, Board meetings at national events and I have attended the Leadership Conference in Colorado Springs, CO. I am also the President of the Texas Racquetball Association and enjoy serving at the state level as well. I believe that over these years, and in each of these experiences, I have gained knowledge and experience that may be valuable to the USAR Board of Directors. I feel that my years of volunteer service on the Board will serve well if I am elected to the USAR Board. I ask for your vote and hope that I can continue to serve. Please don’t forget to vote and thank you for your consideration.


MIKE WEDEL     Kansas
I would like the opportunity to serve on the USAR Board of Directors for several reasons.  The look and success of racquetball is always changing. Over the past 10 years, I have served as the President of the Kansas Racquetball Association and am currently serving as the Vice President.  I worked as the Sports Director and pro shop manager at The Athletic Club of Overland Park, and I continue to serve as the tournament director for their racquetball, handball and squash tournaments.  I have directed 70+ local and national racquetball tournaments, 40+ handball tournaments and 12 squash tournaments.  By working with the national associations of all three sports, I have a unique viewpoint of what has worked and what has not worked to grow their sports these past 10 years.  I would love to use this experience and perspective to benefit racquetball in the US.  I have experience working with the IRT, LPRT and many of the manufacturers in our sport.  My 25 years of business management, fund development, non-profit management and relationship building will help us work together to grow the sport and increase our members understanding and participation.  I love this sport and the family of people in it.