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Antone Wins Oregon High School Championships

Jan. 29, 2015, 1:17 a.m. (ET)


The Oregon High School State Championships were held on January 21-25, 2014, representing the 20th season that the Oregon High School Racquetball League (OHSRL) has held a championship.   

Alice Laffey, Commissioner for the Oregon High School Racquetball League, oversaw the tournament, which is one of the largest racquetball tournaments in the nation with 299 high school players representing 18 schools across Oregon.

The Championships were held at the Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC) in Portland, OR, where many members and over 85 parent volunteers contributed to the event’s success.  The MAC venue is becoming a staple in Oregon the racquetball scene, hosting the High School National Championships every other year and an annual Tier 1 IRT Tournament of Champions held on May 14-17, 2015.

The tournament structure follows the Olympic format with Boys and Girls divisions being broken up into 6 different divisions, and championships are won in each draw for Gold, Blue, Red, and White.  Boys and Girls doubles divisions and mixed divisions are a large draw for some of Oregon’s top high school players.

Lexi York won first place in the Girls Division and Wayne Antone won first place in the Boys Division, both players are members of the USA Racquetball Junior Olympic Team. York swept the Oregon State Championships for the past 4 years, a first in Oregon.  Three other Girls have accomplished wins in 3 of the 4 years they played in the OHRL:  Amanda Lindsay (2008-2010), Ashley Legget (2002-2004), and Jenny Cary (1999-2001).

Second place finishers Kristine Holman Matt Goolsby proved to be tough competition throughout the entire tournament and the final matches were full of many dives, and long rallies, especially as Goolsby pushed the match against Antone to a tie breaker. 

Third place finishers included Kaitlyn Boyle and Justin Ide.

The Boys Doubles matches were very exciting to watch, pitting top players from each school against each other with various styles of play and strategy. Gavin Usher and Will Hoge (Lincoln High School) were able to hold off Ryan Chin and Robert Hill from Sunset to win their first state doubles title.

The Girls Doubles final championship was won by the 2nd seeded Jenna Kelly and Sophie Herman (Southridge), with second place finishers Kristine Holman and Madison Kerzel (Sprague).

The Mixed Doubles championship featured the #3 Boys finisher (Ide) and their partner against the #1 Girls (York) finisher and their partner.  This was a great match to watch with Lexi York and Dominic Pisaneschi winning the title and Justin Ide and Hanna Kingstand finishing in second place.  This was Lexi York’s first mixed doubles state championship.

Players finishing in the top of their divisions are named to the All-State Team.  First Team All-State included the Boys Division winner, Wayne Antone, and second place finisher, Matt Goolsby.  Girls division winner Lexi York and second place finisher Kristine Holman were also named to the team.  Other players named to the First team include Robert Hill, Ryan Chin, Will Hoge, Bethany Bibler, Kimberly Tran, Hanna Kingstad, Robery Hill, Erik Holman, Chris Yamnitsky, Sydney Dobson, Maddie Kerzel, Dominic Pianeschi, Justin Ide, Justin Juul, Gavin Usher, Kaitlyn Boyle, Jenna Kelly, Jordan Coleman, and Sophie Herman.

Points for each player’s finishing position within the tournament are accrued and State Championship team titles are awarded for All Team, Boys Team and Girls Team.  Beaverton High School (Beaverton, OR), coached by Dave Azuma, won the All Team Title, for the 17th time. 

Followed by Lincoln High School (Portland, OR) and Southridge High School (Beaverton, OR).  The Boys Team Title was won by Lincoln High School (Portland, OR), followed by Sunset High School (Beaverton, OR) and Beaverton High School (Beaverton, OR).  The Girls Team Title was won by Southridge High School (Beaverton, OR), followed by Beaverton High School (Beaverton, OR) and Sprague High School (Salem, OR).

Oregon’s High School program has produced a number of great players in the past 20 years including IRT Pros Charlie Pratt, Shane Vanderson and other national championship player such as Ryan Lindell, Chris Barton, Taylor Knoth, Sam Reid, Nick Guinta, and Jason and Liana Kerwood.  

The Oregon High School Racquetball League is now in it’s 20th year and includes over 350 players, and nearly 50 coaches, representing 44 high schools.

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