What's New in Racquetball - Dec. 1

Dec. 01, 2010, 4:04 p.m. (ET)
World Junior Racquetball Championships, which concluded Saturday in Canoga Park, Calif. The U.S. has won the overall title three years in a row. Taylor Knoth, Marco Rojas, Jose Diaz, Bradley Kirch and Nick Montalbano led the way in the boys’ singles and doubles divisions. Aubrey O’Brien and Danielle Key led the girls. Justus Benson, Rebecca Nielsen, Valentina Eguiza, Jordan Barth, Miguel Rodriguez and Lexi York contributed gold medals in the Challenger Cup and Esprit Cup divisions.

Just ahead: The National Masters Racquetball Association Doubles Championship, Dec. 2-4, Fullerton, Calif.