2020 WSMRA 31st National Championship

St. Louis, Missouri

Jan. 17 - 19, 2020

Welcome to the
31st Annual
Senior/Masters Women's National 
 Racquetball Championships 
For Ages 35 and up!
St. Louis, Missouri
     (Home of the Stanley Cup Champions!)
January 17-19, 2020

Online Signup

SPECIAL NOTE: Plan to arrive Thursday morning and sign up for the Tour of St. Louis.  This exciting tour will include the arch, Union Station, Forest Park, St. Louis's unique historical neighborhoods with their astounding architecture, the Cathedral Basilica, and more!  The tour is from 9:00-1:00 on Thursday January 16th and will begin at the host hotel for a minimal cost of only $20.00 which will also include a light lunch.  It will be limited to the first 25 people. Sign up early!!
If you cannot make it for the Tour of St. Louis, plan to arrive before 3:30 pm on Thursday to get on the courts to practice, and to join us for Fun Doubles. You will be paired up with and against players, and you may also practice a little with your doubles partner. Directly after that, there will be a player meeting with appetizers and  beverages, followed by a check-in to pick up your player packet and tourney jacket. We will also be taking a group photo to hand out to all participants as a souvenir.  For travel after the tournament, schedule your flights on Monday (MLK holiday) or late afternoon Sunday. 
The WSMRA is dedicated to the continued enjoyment and growth of Women's racquetball and we are excited to host the 31st Annual Women’s Senior/Masters Racquetball Association (WSMRA) National Championships at Vetta Racquet Sports Concord in St. Louis, Missouri! If you have never played in a WSMRA event, we are excited to get to know you and would love to welcome you to our wonderful group of ladies. Yes, there will be plenty of racquetball! Our round-robin format ensures that you will be playing every day of our three-day tournament. We offer both Open/A competition for top-level players in five-year age increments, and B/C divisions if you aren’t quite as accomplished. You can also expect to meet new friends and connect with old ones. We will provide top notch hospitality and a fun/inclusive social experience/atmosphere! The Saturday night banquet will be a time for fun and friends with awards, games, and music, so make sure you set aside time for it. The rest of the time you are not playing your matches, you will definitely want to explore St. Louis and the surrounding area. Missouri has a lot to offer... there is something for everyone!  For printable information on the tournament and pictures of prior years’ events, please click here.
Vetta Racquet Sports Concord has 10 courts, so if you prefer not to play singles, we can offer you TWO DOUBLES DIVISIONS. One division must be by age (oldest division is determined by the youngest player of the team) and one doubles division can be by skill level (any group of ages can play together).
Sign up by January 6, 2020. 
As mentioned, your hostess for the weekend will be Shari Coplen (314-20-2903 or slc314@aol.com). She has a local organizing committee that is helping her put together several activities for this amazing week!  Feel free to reach out to Shari with questions or to ask for doubles partners.  This Missouri team has great things planned for you and are working hard to make this a special WSMRA tournament!

 WSMRA tournaments are organized by the tournament committee, with help from the WSMRA Tournament Chairperson Terry Rogers (650-245-8743 or rogersta@comcast.net).   In addition, Kendra Tutsch (608.332.1073) is the president and driving force behind the WSMRA and all of the fun.


 If you are interested in joining our WSMRA, we hope you will. There is no set membership fee, but any donation is greatly appreciated. Our expenses are low, but we like to do a little fundraising, so every little bit helps. Whether or not you can join us in Missouri in 2020, please consider joining the WSMRA and getting on Kendra Tutsch’s WSMRA mailing list.

See you in January!