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Bowsher Wins Colorado Biathle Regional

June 24, 2014, 12 a.m. (ET)

Sunday afternoon, USA Modern Penatathlon hosted a biathle region competition at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  Biathle is a run-swim-run event geared to showcase and recruit running and swimming talent for and to pentathlon.  1500 meters of running, followed by 200 meters of swimming, finished with another 1500 meters of running makes for an extremely difficult race requiring a whole different type of aerobic capacity and an incredible amount of grit.

In the mixed race, Team USA’s Harrison Greene took the early lead and was first into the pool.  “I knew Dennis and Amro would be close behind me, and I needed a buffer before the swim.”  Amro El Geziry of Egypt was first out of the water, followed by 2012 Olympian Dennis Bowsher of the United States, Harry Greene, and Bevan Dobbs of New Zealand.  Bowsher overtook El Geziry in the second 1500, and with Dobbs overtaking Greene, we saw a USA, Egypt, New Zealand podium.  In the womens’ race, two-time Olympian Margaux Isaksen came in first, followed by her sister Isabella in second and Jordan McCurdy in third.

Our biathle competition turned out to be a grueling but rewarding event.  The following recounts from the athletes tell the story.

From Dennis Bowsher: "Definitely a great event.  It was my first biathle, and the second run was more difficult than I anticipated.   I’m looking forward to biathle nationals and more competitions in the U.S."

From Margaux Isaksen:

"Biathle is a great sport.  I wish I had been a little bit more prepared, but I’m excited for (biathle) nationals and world championships."

From Harrison Greene: “On the second run I felt like I’d been hit by a bus.  I paced it like a 5k, anticipating that I’d grind through the swim and then hammer the last mile.  I didn’t realize how much momentum the pool would take out of me.  Overall it was a great race, and a great way to grow the sport of pentathon.”

Full Results here: 1. Dennis Bowsher 14:24 
2. Amro Elgeziry 15:01 
3. Bevan Dobbs 15:06 
4. Harrison Greene 15:12 
5. Margaux Isaksen 15:31 
6. Seamus Millett 15:45 
7. Ted Lauzen 16:11 
8. Isabella Isaksen 17:19 
9. Ted Koerner 17:57 
10. Ted Koerner II 19:33 
11. James Lenger 19:41 
12. Jordan McCurdy 20:01 
13. Alex Guzman 20:13 
14. Paige Vallee 22:43