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Cairo World Cup - Day 2

March 10, 2023, 1:55 p.m. (ET)

Day 2 of the World Cup #1 kicked off with men's qualification, featuring 75 athletes from 24 countries in a fierce competition for a top 18 finish in their groups. In Group A, Tyler Evans and Brendan Anderson represented Team USA. The day began with the fencing event, where Evans secured six victories out of his last eight bouts, finishing strong with a total score of 195 points and a 30th place for the event. Anderson, on the other hand, had a remarkable day, earning one of his highest point totals in his World Cup career and finishing in 8th place with a total of 235 points. Heading into the laser run, Anderson started in 9th place, while Evans was at 27th. Anderson's second shooting series was excellent, with an 8-second shoot, but he lost a few places in the 3rd and 4th shoots, finishing in 23rd place. Evans had a slightly below-average shooting performance but compensated with a good run, securing a 24th place at the end of the day.

In Group B, Caleb Allen and Erik Witter represented Team USA. Swimming was their first event, and Allen finished 27th overall with a time of 2:12 in heat four. In the final heat, Witter swam a time of 2:05, putting him in 9th place for the event. In the fencing event, Witter had a good performance, securing 28th place with a total score of 205 points in his first world cup appearance. Allen, also a first-time senior athlete in the world cup, secured 37th place in the fencing event, with a score of 155 points. Before the laser run, Witter was in 23rd place, while Allen was in 36th place. Witter had an impressive shooting performance in all series, shooting 11 seconds on his final series, with a total time of 11:48, securing a 31st place overall in his group. Allen's shooting and running were on par, securing a time of 12:09, with no change in the rankings, and finishing in 36th place.

Although no USA athletes advanced to the semi-finals, all of them earned ranking points for the 2023 Pan Am Games and the 2023 World Championships. The week's final event is the mixed relay, where Phaelen French and Tyler Evans will represent Team USA on the last day of the World Cup #1.

Let's go Team USA!
Coach Dennis