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Towns and Zoldak Take on Europe

March 01, 2023, 3:02 p.m. (ET)

Team USA athletes Jordan Towns and Mary Zoldak recently traveled to Europe taking advantage of early season competitions in both Hungary and Poland.  Both were looking to test their training and gain some international experience leading into the World Cup season starting with World Cup 1, Cairo, Egypt.  Below is a recap from the athletes.
"Jordan and Mary had a productive last week in Hungary and Poland competing in the Hungarian Indoor and Polish Cup #1.
Mary, who is only entering her second year of pentathlon competition, had personal bests in the swim and laser run at the Hungarian Indoor. Despite picking up a sinus infection on her way to Poland, she fenced exceptionally well to place second. While her swim and laser run were not as speedy as in Hungary, she finished 8th overall in Poland.
Jordan had similar successes in Hungary, with personal bests in the swim and laser run. She continued her success into Poland, finishing in 9th with a personal best overall score! Jordan’s shooting in Poland was especially good, with a total combined shooting time of a minute.
Jordan and Mary both relished the opportunity to fence at such a high level in Hungary, this being the first competition of this caliber for them both. Additionally, they greatly enjoyed the jump course and horses in Poland, where they earned respective scores of 293 and 291."
Congratulations to both Jordan and Mary on their results and Go Team USA!!!