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USA Pentathlon is proud to announce the 2020 World Cup Team

Jan. 29, 2020, 12 a.m. (ET)

The 2020 Women's World Cup Team (from left to right)
Anna Olesinski, Jessica Davis, Samantha Schultz, and Isabella Isaksen

The 2020 Men's World Cup Team (from left to right)
Brendan Anderson, Amro ElGeziry, Barrett Celecki, and Tyler Evans (not pictured) with alternate Sam Ruddock (pictured)

Colorado Springs, CO - On Jan 19th,USAPM finished the beginning of the season with its 2nd World Cup team Qualifier. San Luis Obispo hosted a wonderful competition that saw Amro Elgeziry win it for the men and Samantha Schultz win it for the women. With those two results, Elgeziry and Schultz are ranked #1 in the USA heading into the World Cup season. The top six rankings for men and women are below:


1st– Amro Elgeziry

2nd– Barrett Celecki

3rd– Brendan Anderson

4th– Tyler Evans

5th– Sam Ruddock

6th– Seamus Millet


1st– Samantha Schultz

2nd– Jessica Davis

3rd– Isabella Isaksen

4th– Ania Olesinski

5th– Naomi Ross

6th– Phaelen French


                The top 4 men and top 4 women earn the right to compete at the World Cups this season, with 5thand 6thplaced athletes being alternates should a top 4 athlete not go. This season is very important since Olympic Ranking points can be earned at major international competitions. Athletes from around the world will be looking to qualify to the 2020 Olympic Games through the Olympic Ranking List. More information about qualifying off of the Olympic Ranking List can be found here.

                After every competition that has Olympic Ranking points, USAPM will post where Team USA athletes are on that list. Team USA athletes as well as many international athletes will be competing at these competitions, so there is a good chance that the Olympic Ranking List will change at the conclusion of those competitions. As of now, below are the Team USA athletes that are on the Olympic Ranking List and how many points they have:


25th   – 46 points     Amro Elgeziry

57th  – 30 points     Brendan Anderson

109th– 9 points       Barrett Celecki

126th– 1 point        Sam Ruddock


9th  - 65 points        Jessica Davis

14th- 55 points        Samantha Schultz

38th- 38 points        Isabella Isaksen

97th- 14 points        Naomi Ross


Elgeziry and Schultz have already earned an Olympic Qualification through their performance at the 2019 Pan Am Games. Even though they have qualified, Elgeziry and Schultz will have to maintain their world ranking to stay ranked in front of other potential USA athletes that qualify for Tokyo. Good luck to all Team USA athletes as they look to solidify their placing in the world and earn the right to compete at the Olympic Games. GO TEAM USA!!!